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Ultimate Crown of Success, Money Drawing etc. back in stock

black arts crown of success customized diamonds money drawing ultimate

Or rather, the ingredients to make them are back in stock. I had a bit more trouble than I’d expected finding a good, reliable supplier for the right kind of diamond powder who was in the U.S. and whose ethics I could be sure of (’cause none of my formulas call for conflict diamonds and child mining labor). The supplier I used to use isn’t around anymore.

I’ve finally found another good one in the U.S., but shipping isn’t as fast as it used to be, and prices certainly aren’t going down, heh, so I only ever have a limited quantity of raw materials on hand to make Ultimate oils.

If you see all of them out of stock, that means I’m out of diamonds and/or gold and/or some spendy essential oil or absolute and we’re just waiting on my shipment. If you see one or more of them in stock, but it’s not the kind you want, it’s worth writing to inquire – I *might* have everything on hand to make what you’re after and I can just move the inventory count around to list what you need.

Ultimate oils:

Ulltimate Money Drawing

Ultimate Crown of Success

Ultimate Black Arts*

Ultimate Attraction

*Black Arts is *not* generally made with diamonds, but it is made with other rare and/or valuable ingredients that I also will not always have a ton of in stock. From the item listing:

Please note that this is a spiritual item and not a cosmetic or perfume, and it definitely won’t smell like anything from Bath & Body Works. This is traditional old-school conjure. In traditional old-school conjure, mullein or whatever is NOT an adequate substitute for graveyard dirt; Black Arts formulas do NOT have “hints of autumn leaves and pumpkin accords at the heart note” and do NOT smell like perfume; condition and ritual oils are NOT “charged under a full moon” because that doesn’t make any flippin’ sense; and there aren’t any pagan gods or goddesses involved in the creation of this oil – especially not any who really, really like glitter and lilac or gardenia. If you’re not really ready to get your hands dirty – maybe literally – then there’s no shame in that, but this probably isn’t the oil for you right now.

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