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Common Types of Altar Work

Simpler altar work, like vigil light settings and the creation of mojo bags, does not require that you book a separate, formal consultation before I can begin your work. If you see it available on the site as something with a listing that you can book or add to your cart, then you can proceed, and our informal consultation is built into it already rather than being a separate thing. It will be via email as you give me your information and I ask whatever questions I need info about to proceed.

But more complex and/or extended work often requires you to book a formal consultation session first.These involve divination and my assessing your case and your goals to determine the best course of action. Read more about how consultations work and what they cover at the Consultations page and the Consultations FAQ.

*If you are booking more than one service, or if you're purchasing tangible items in addition to booking services, please check out with each service separately if at all possible. It really makes my life a lot easier if one service = one order number and vice versa.

Binding and Reversing Work

I often take binding and reversing cases. Binding in this context refers to "tying someone down" to prevent them from doing something, to limit their agency or movement and thus their ability to harm or harrass. Reversing means deflecting the negative crap someone has aimed at you and sending it right back to them. It's often done in conjunction with Uncrossing work.

Reconciliation Work

I will happily consult with you and/or coach you if you want guidance on doing your own Reconciliation work. When it comes to taking Reconciliation cases involving separated couples, though, I do so only very occasionally. I estimate I take about 1 out of 10 Reconciliation cases that cross my "desk," so to speak.

I will usually take Reconciliation cases if the people involved are not ex-lovers, so I will do Reconciliation work for friends and coworkers, and I will often perform it for long-term couples who have not separated. These always, always require a formal consultation first, though, because in order for me to take a case, divination and assessment have to show that the work has a good chance of achieving the desired outcome, that the client has realistic expectations and some knowledge of spiritual work in general, and that success in the work will be ultimately beneficial to the health and happiness of the client.

If, for instance, a reading shows reconciliation is possible but the client will probably have to do domination work on the target constantly from then on out to "keep the peace," I'm going to be really blunt about this and really hesitant to take the case without some serious discussion.

Reconciliation is not necessarily synonymous with "getting back together" or "returning a lover," though the vast majority of clients who contact me seeking reconciliation work are actually seeking to reunite with an ex. Reconciliation is, by definition, the restoration of friendly relations. That's all. Getting back together with an ex is sometimes a second/separate and distinct step.

Clients wanting to reunite with an ex are often quite new to spiritual work in general, do not have realistic expectations, are feeling very emotional or even desperate, and are thus ripe for predation by unscrupulous charlatans who will make big promises and deliver some exciting product copy -- and nothing else. Please, please educate yourself before spending money on spiritual work if you don't come from a background where you're familiar with it, especially if you're seeking work to get back together with an ex. See the Education tab in the main menu for some places to start.

Breakup, Crossing, & Revenge Work

I will sometimes do Breakup, Crossing, and Revenge work if consultation and divination reveal that the work is justified, is likely to have the desired outcome, and will be ultimately beneficial to the health and happiness of the client.

These conditions are usually not met in most of the cases that cross my "desk," so I decline far more cases than I accept. Many clients who want this kind of work are new to spiritual work, have unrealistic expectations, are highly emotional, and think the work will accomplish things that it may very well not accomplish (like thinking a breakup spell will also return their ex, or a revenge spell will somehow fix injustices done to them in the past or "give the ex karma," which is just not even a real thing because that is not how karma works at all).

Often, there are better ways to do what they *really* want to do than focusing on Breakup or Revenge anyway, so to be blunt, when a client books a consultation for this kind of work, that session is as much about me assessing what the client knows about and expects from such work as it is about the situation itself.

But if the work is justified, you are realistic, and you don't habitually try to Goofer everybody who parks on your side of the street or looks at you funny, contact me for a consultation. I will certainly get my hands dirty for a good cause.

If you contact a worker for work like this and you have been a client of a reputable colleague of theirs who can vouch for your stability and the fact that you aren't a maniac, you'll often improve your chances of having your case considered by that worker who doesn't know you yet.

If you're considering hiring someone to do breakup, revenge, or crossing rootwork for you, educate yourself first. Make sure what you're wanting is realistic and that you've examined your own motivations and thought logically about the consequences. And make sure you know how to spot the warning signs of potentially fraudulent spellcasters and you know what to look for when seeking an ethical spiritual worker. Do these things *before* you contact a rootworker and save yourself a ton of potential grief.

Money, Luck, Prosperity, Job/Career, and Success  Work

I set lots of lights and make lots of mojo bags for money, luck, and success-related issues. I don't turn away this kind of case too often for more involved altar work, either. The only times I do are when the client's expectations just seem truly unreasonable and they really don't seem to know how spellwork actually works yet. Even then, my goal is just to get them to educate themselves, and after they do, I'm quite likely to take their case assuming they are well-behaved.

I have created, developed, and in some cases redesigned/updated quite a number of old-school mojos, charms, formulas, pakets, curios, sprays, washes, and spell kits for money luck, especially gambling luck, and that collection of formulas/recipes is probably responsible for 90% of my rarest and most expensive and difficult to source curios. At this time, though, I just can't afford to have a huge stock of everything sitting on my shelves ready to go whenever, so I probably only have enough special animal bones or whole roots or "servings" of diamond dust to make one or two of any given formula at a time.

That means you should expect an extended handling time for rare, old-school specialty or extra-strength formulas, and you should expect that not everything will show as in-stock at a given time even if I can conceivably make it. So by all means, contact me to inquire if you're looking for something in particular - there's a good chance I can help you out.

Love Work

I make a lot of mojo bags and set a lot of lights and honey jars for love work.

When it comes to longer-term altar work, though, I am very choosy about the cases that I'll take. I have a low tolerance for needy clients who want me to be a therapist + spell caster + confidant + somebody to talk them off a ledge, and I get very annoyed with clients who would send an email about their case labeled "urgent" and the email says "he didn't call me last Friday." (Meanwhile I have a client who is facing eviction and another who is worried a noncustodial parent is about to kidnap their kid. Those are emergencies. Your love interest's communication lapses are not. Sorry.)

So I prefer to do love work for mature people who are not frantic about a particular target, especially those who are looking to draw new love into their lives - even if they decided at some point that it was not in the cards for them.

If you have been single for a while, or dating casually for a while and want to think about settling down, we will probably work well together. If you feel you must contact me regularly to give me the play-by-play about how many times your target texted you last week, we will probably not work well together, and a different worker would probably be a better fit for you.

The Illegal, the Immoral, and the Just Plain Creepy

So if the client is reasonably educated, the work is justified and looks to have a good chance of success, it's in my wheelhouse, and I have time in my schedule to do it, I pretty much take any kinds of cases, in theory.

But there is definitely some work I just will not do, and here are some examples (and yes, these are all things I have been asked to do by real people before):

  • I will not do work to make your penis larger. That crap is a scam. This is not Harry Potter. Spiritual work can help you with confidence and sex appeal. It can even help you master all the little secret tricks of the trade so your partner seriously couldn't care less what size your penis is. But spiritual work cannot turn a cat into a turnip, make you taller if you're an adult and done growing, change your hair color or shoe size, or grow your penis. Please stop giving people your hard-earned money to do impossible shit and go read the resources in the Education tab up top under "Education, Etiquette, and Ethics." See esp. this post.
  • I will not do killing work on someone who is pursuing the object of your affections, not even if they are successful and you are unceremoniously dumped and you feel like it's the end of the world.
  • In fact, I probably won't do any crossing/cursing work if you're not already an established client or are referred to me by a worker I know. Sorry - I just get too many inquiries from people who are unstable and/or have unrealistic expectations (about spellwork or about life in general). So I have to vet you first.
  • I will not harm infants or children, not even if they are "in the way" of you pursuing the object of your affections, nor will I do work to make a woman who is not you have a miscarriage.
  • I will not do work designed to turn someone into a zombie or mindless/paralyzed/unconscious sex slave who is unable to consent or protest. Ugh.
  • I won't break up marriages without a really good reason.

Not Illegal or Immoral but Still Causes for Concern

  • If consultation, divination, and assessment show me that you are unlikely to be better off as a result of my performing the work, I probably won't take the case. For instance, if it looks like Reconciliation could be successful but your ex is not going to just stop lying, cheating, and/or being self-centered or abusive, we're gonna have to have a real talk about that and what you're wanting out of your relationship.
  • I won't work your case if you're "stacking" the work, meaning having more than one worker work the same case at the same or roughly the same time without the prior knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Read more under "Education, Etiquette, and Ethics" at the Education tab, and see esp. this post.
  • I won't work with you, or continue to work with you, if you can't abide by the terms of the Client Agreement, or if you cannot accept or do not respect my Code of Ethics.



Frequently Requested Work

Vigil light settings. $17 and up. Have a candle fixed, dressed, blessed, set on my altars, and burned for you if you can't burn one at home or just want my "backup" on a working you're doing yourself. You send me a one or two sentence petition and the full names of any people involved in the petition as well as any photos you want me to use.  I fix, dress, and burn a customized 7 day vigil light, aka a novena candle, for you, reporting on the results of the burn via email upon its completion.

Three-days-per-week taper settings, no report. $15 and up. These are usually 4" tapers that burn for at least 2 hours each. They are commonly used for maintenance of a honey jar or sour jar that you have working on my altars, though they can also be booked if you just want a petition set on my altar or to thank a saint with a standalone taper light, three times a week for one week.  I report very generally upon the work when it's completed, noting anything unusual, if applicable, in a sentence or two, but I do not give a play-by-play on a daily or even weekly basis with this service.

Custom honey jar, small, with 1 month (4 weeks) of work on my altar.  $125. You send me info about your situation, and I make a custom honey jar for you and work it on my altars for four weeks, setting lights on it three times a week (MWF unless otherwise arranged). At the end of the month, you can opt to book additional work on my altars by the week or month, to have me ship the jar to you to continue or dispose of, or to have me "decommission" and dispose of the jar, ending the work. These are small jars about 2" high and holding about 1.5 oz, selected to be less expensive to ship to you even full of ingredients, but every once in a while, a client/customer has a specific working in mind or is dealing with a certain personal concern or formula where this jar is too small to hold what it needs to hold, so please don't book this without running it by me first if you have any concerns about that.

Uncrossing or Spiritual Cleansing first aid session, one person/target. $40 and up.  A photograph or personal concern of the person to be uncrossed or cleansed is necessary, and a personal concern such as hair is highly recommended. This is one session of distance work performed on one day, occupying my altars for somewhere between 45 minutes and a few hours, depending on a few factors.  If you want a 7 day run of spiritual cleansing or uncrossing work, then book seven of these.  If you need these timed to coincide with work you are doing on your end, such as a series of uncrossing baths, do not book without contacting me first to verify I can meet your needs in terms of scheduling.

Fiery Wall of Protection Work.
  Standard, for one person. Includes creation of protection mojo (I call these pakets, as they cannot be opened once they are ritually tied as part of their creation, and it's usually a good bit larger than a mojo bag), shipping cost to a US address, and appropriate disposal of the ritual remains associated with your enemy or troublemaker. Please contact me before booking for options for having the spell worked for multiple protectees, as well as for options if you prefer to have ritual remains mailed to you to dispose of yourself.  Can be worked without personal concerns, but they are highly recommended; you'll get instructions on how to mail them. 

Moving Lodestone Attraction spell.  Includes creation of mojo bag and shipping, along with lodestone food and instructions, to a US address.  Suitable for those trying to draw a specific lover, to draw a new and unknown lover, or to bring two people together for other, non-romantic purposes (such as making a new friend, strengthening a friendship, getting an influential person to take your side in something, etc).  Personal concerns are highly recommended; you'll receive instructions on how to mail them. 


Basic Binding spell, 7 day, with remains shipped to you with instructions for disposal. Binding spells of this sort are done to hold an enemy down to prevent him or her from taking further action against you. Personal concerns are ideal but this can be worked even if the enemy's name is not known. You can use this spell even if you have multiple and/or unknown targets. You should not, however, expect the same sort of results if you are working without a link to your target as you'd get it you were targeting a specific person with their personal concerns. 

If you are trying to bind two people together for a love spell, or trying to bind a partner's nature sexually, you must have a consultation before I will agree to take your case. I do not accept the majority of love cases that people write to me about, but even if I will not take your case (and statistically there is a very good chance I won't), I will probably be able to recommend another reader or worker to you who might speak with you about it, so don't be afraid to write.

Basic Reversing spell, crossroads disposal. These spells are to send nasty junk back on the person or people who are aiming it at you. It is not, in itself, an uncrossing spell, and it is not, in itself, a revenge spell.  It is not really a complete protection spell either, in a lot of cases.  So it often needs to be done as part of a more complex set of actions or steps.  It may not be the best solution for your case, so please feel free to inquire before booking this service.  This spell uses a jumbo reversing candle set on a customized, fixed mirror and prepared with all the necessary reversing materia magica.  At the conclusion of the working, I dispose of the remains at a crossroads. All of this takes time and can have to take into account day of week and weather, so do not expect your report within a few hours of the candle going out.  As with the above Binding spell, this can be done with or without personal concerns and known full names, but personal concerns are always better.

See the Altar Work category page for info on available services.

Read more about me and my approaches to spiritual work at my About page.

Read about what I expect from clients at the Client Agreement page and what clients can expect of me at my Code of Ethics page.

To educate yourself about how all this works, understand what is realistic and what is just fantasy, improve your chances of getting your case taken by a spiritual worker, and reduce your chances of getting scammed by a con artist, see the Education tab up top.