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Shipping Hiccups Continued (and explained)

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I posted the other day about shipping hiccups, but I think I need to spell this out in plainer English, ’cause some folks aren’t getting it. I wrote that there’d been a pretty significant monkey wrench thrown into the works with our shipping workflow, and I elaborated:   When I say it involves a “monkey wrench,” I really mean it involves dog teeth. And a Houdini pit bull. And lots of growling. And a very frightened postal service worker. And some reports that she made to her supervisor. And the fact that nobody living on this property currently has a car...

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Shipping Hiccups

shipping shipping update

We’ve had a pretty significant monkey wrench thrown into the works with our shipping workflow.* Basically, things are gonna take a little longer to get to you for a little while. But we’re keeping an eye on everything and I’m having stuff that isn’t where it’s supposed to be by 20 days of the label ship date watched, so you don’t even need to write if that 20th day comes. It’ll already be on a report on my desktop. We are hammering out a new workflow for this. It’s not perfect yet by any stretch, but we’re still working on...

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The storms have finally let up but we’re going on day three of no reliable internet. Since nearly every system I use is web- or cloud-based — postage/shipping, customer database, accounting, photo editing, social media management — everything is moving at the speed of molasses. But I’m doing what I can via phone. Hopefully the worst ISP in North America will come out and fix their Stone Age technology pretty soon and we’ll have the usual crappy DSL again… in the meantime, please don’t take it personally if I’m slow to answer or a bit taciturn.

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