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The bad news and the great news

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The bad news is not news to anybody probably: I’m still not caught up from when I started getting underwater a couple of months ago when we got knocked offline for a while. It’s been one thing after another since then: several predator attacks and chicken deaths, water heater went out, oven went out, offline again for a few more days, car needed new engine, dog needed vet, Mike needed dentist (and caught himself a horrible case of poison ivy the same weekend), etc, etc. And to be honest, it looks like that’s just what “normal” looks like around here,...

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About this Blog

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This blog will be a mirror site for the main blog at for the time being. Everything posted here will also be posted there, and that blog is permanent. I do have hosting for the blog and intend to move it here to a subdomain, but so far I can't make the various sites and entities play nice together. When I do, though, this mirror version will disappear. Until I figure it out, you'll want to visit that main blog URL if you're looking for tags to follow for more info, suggestions for product usage,  etc. And consider signing...

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