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More Pinterest Potshots

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-So then I keep the jar in a dark place, right?  -Sure.  -And when it’s all done, I need to dispose of the ritual remains.  -That’s it. You got it.  -And then I cleanse myself and my target.  -You– wait, what? Why in the everloving hell would you cleanse your target?  -I saw it on Pinterest.  -Oh for God’s sake.

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questions you’ve asked + most folks should just stop using the word “karma,” period

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Reminder: this is a mirror site for the blog. The actual blog with ongoing comments, archives, etc. is at until I figure out how migrate it to the domain I'm paying for and not using, sigh... here's this post. Aaaand here we go again, folks. Some of this is part retread, but since the two-blogs thing is confusing AF and I probably need to edit and consolidate comments on the Big Lucky Hoodoo blogs (plural) and then just post the edited updates here as new posts… I guess I might as well just answer some of these again lol...

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