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Honey Jar Contract for Rootwork Services

- last updated 12/15/20

This contract is for the following services: Preparation, fixing, and one month of altar work on a sweetening jar for the petition/intention submitted in the intake form. Altar work involves the dressing and setting and/or ritual manipulation of 3 lights per week (MWF) for four weeks.

Fee includes all materials needed for construction of jar and four weeks of work, including honey, sugar, or other appropriate sweetening elements; herbs, oils, powders, name/petition papers, and appropriate curios for inclusion in the jar; a glass container with airtight metal lid; twelve (12) dressed, fixed taper or votive candles (aka "lights"). 

Fee does not include shipping or ritual deployment/disposal of jar. At the conclusion of this contracted work, you will receive a report, and you can decide whether to extend the work, to adjust it, to have the jar shipped to you to continue, or to discontinue it and have it ritually dismantled and disposed of.

Extensions: Work on jars can be extended at a weekly rate with no need for a new contract, assuming there are no significant changes to the work. You can book an extension at any time from the service listing page.

Reporting and updates: I will send you one (1) report and at least one photograph of your work when the contracted work is complete and I have finished making any notes, recording any details, typing up those observations, and taking, uploading, and labeling photographs. I do not provide additional reporting or responses to requests for "checkups" beyond what is specifically contracted in this paragraph.

Start and end dates: This service does not come with a guaranteed start or end date or time. You should expect that it could take me several business days to gather all necessary materials and construct your jar once I've received all the necessary info, photos, and/or personal concerns for the work. It would be highly unusual for it to take more than a week, but if I have to track down an obscure ingredient or there's any other reason that prep time may be unusually long, I'll contact you and let you know.

Sweetening jar work is tracked at the client calendar, which I use Google Calendars for. You will receive an email invitation to this client calendar when your work has begun. This calendar will let you know precisely what stage your work is in and when your contract will be completed.

Your booking of this service indicates your  acceptance of the general Client Agreement and site Terms of Service. These include (but are not limited to) the following highlights:

Readings, consultations, divination, light settings, and other altar workings are of a spiritual/metaphysical nature and are based on the ancient teachings of the aforementioned traditions. In keeping with the principles of metaphysics, all information of a spiritual nature is meant to be a guide to assist you in making a more informed decision on matters affecting your life. 

Karma Zain is a professional reader, rootworker, and spiritual coach as well as an ordained minister and consecrated bishop, but she is not a lawyer, doctor, psychologist, or financial advisor. Thus any advice or discussion offered falls under spiritual/metaphysical guidance and should not be interpreted as medical, financial, legal, or mental health advice. No spiritual consultation or spiritual work is intended to replace the advice or services of medical, financial, legal, or mental health professionals.

If she becomes convinced that success in your goals can best be attained through your pursuing measures such as entering counseling, seeking legal aid, or obtaining medical treatment in addition to your spiritual work together, she will say so and may decline to work further with you if you are unwilling to undertake these “mundane” measures. This policy is in the interest of treating clients and their cases holistically and following the surest path for clients to meet their goals.

By contracting spiritual services, you are affirming that you have an informed belief in spiritual work and its traditional practices and wish to engage the services of a rootworker to perform traditional hoodoo rootwork as part of an attempt to resolve certain life issues. Karma Zain guarantees that the work will be performed as contracted and to the best of her ability, and that if obstacles are divined during the course of the work, she will relay them and make suggestions for appropriate remedies. You acknowledge that, due to the nature of spiritual folk magic, Karma Zain and Seraphin Station make no guarantees that the work will result in the desired outcome within the desired timeframe or at all.