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Consultations & Readings

This page contains a general intro to the divination and coaching services I provide followed by a listing of the specific available services that you can choose from and book at the very bottom of the page.

If you are a new client/customer, please read the info on this page carefully before scrolling down to choose and book a service so you know how this works and what to expect.

To learn more about the altar work and spiritual services I provide, or to book services like light settings or honey jar work, visit the Altar Work page.



The consultation sessions I offer are not the same thing as standalone readings, necessarily. They are advice- and guidance-oriented. Though consultations often involve divination, they are goal-oriented, targeted, have a narrow focus, and are meant to provide you with specific advice and remedies from a hoodoo perspective.

Consultations focus on what action you should consider taking on a spiritual level in order to achieve a stated goal. If you want an in-depth look your relationship dynamic or which of several career choices are your best bet, for instance, that's not what a consultation does -- that's what readings are for. 

Free, Informal Consultations via Email

Need product help? Not sure which oil to choose or whether a Black Skull Commanding spell kit is the best option for your case? Contact me with a brief, direct, to-the-point summary of your situation and a clear question and I’ll happily consult with you on it for free – no booking needed.

Need confirmation about work you’re considering doing? Thinking about your own honey jar work but aren’t sure if there’s a better approach for your situation? If you can ask your question in a few sentences and if an answer of a few sentences will suffice, just contact me for a free informal consultation. No need to book anything.

Want to book a vigil light setting or have a mojo bag made? Simpler work like that does not require a separate, formal consultation. If you see it available as something that you can book or add to your cart, then you can proceed. Our informal consultation is built into it already.

Not sure whether you need to book a formal consultation or whether I do the kind of work you’re looking for anyway? Please feel free to write first and run it by me.

Consultations (Formal)

Do you have a lot of questions? Need specific, detailed guidance on the best way to approach your own situation? A consultation will get you this personal attention and advice, providing you with extremely specific recommendations for how to apply spiritual work to your case. If you cannot ask your question in a few sentences, or if a few sentences will not suffice as an answer, then you probably need to book a formal consultation.

Want a “spell” you can use my oils or other supplies in? Unless you purchase something that says it comes with instructions, you need to book a consultation if you require step-by-step guidance or you want me to type you up a “spell” specific to your case. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of free “spells” out there, yours for the searching. If you don’t know where to start or how to tell what’s legit and what’s shady, let me direct you to the Lucky Mojo’s forum and website as an excellent starting point, and you might not need to go any further than that for a while. If you need guidance on how to use oils or baths in the hoodoo rootwork tradition generally, see the Education section here.

Want me to do more complex spiritual/altar work or for me to take your case as your rootworker? If you want more complex, customized private altar work beyond vigil light settings, honey jars, and the Spiritual First Aid offerings, you need to book a formal consultation before I can say whether I’d take your case, what approach would be best, and how much it would cost. We’d use the consultation session to go over details, do some divination, and arrive at a course of action that makes sense to you and fits your budget — because there is *always* more than one way to do things. There’s very rarely any kind of one-size-fits-all approach to anything.

Be sure to read about Types of Altar Work before booking to understand how I work and what types of cases I do and do not take.

    Anyone who is 18+ and hasn't gotten themselves banned can book a consultation, so new customers/clients are welcome to book.


    Established clients and customers in good standing may book standalone email readings. (Standalone readings are those that are not related to altar work being undertaken or considered.) If you have ever been a client or customer, you’ll be in good standing as long as you haven’t gotten banned for some reason.

    If you have never been a client or customer but you still want to book a full standalone reading, just drop me a line first letting me know what’s going on and I will probably cheerfully add you to my client database. I just don’t have any desire to advertise these in neon lights attracting all comers. I just don’t have time for the “Test the Psychic” crowd or the “want a refund ’cause my boyfriend didn’t call me last Friday” crowd *at all.*

     Before You Book

    • Read the service description carefully for the type of reading or consultation you're considering and be sure you understand how it works and how I work. They aren't all the same, and I don't do cold reading/fortune-telling crap like tell you how many times you'll be married and what color you're wearing. And you cannot book an email reading and then decide you want it done over the phone or some other way. So make sure you know what you're booking.
    • If you must have your reading by a certain day/time, contact me before booking to confirm I can meet your needs. I may not be able to, and email bookings do not come with a set or guaranteed start/delivery date.

    Turnaround Times

    Email readings and consultations are done on a first-come, first-served basis. You are reserving a spot in line when you book. I cannot tell you what date your reading will be delivered on because I don’t know yet. It depends on what’s ahead of you in the queue, among other things, and there’s nearly always some back-and-forth involved in every reading. How long that goes on will also vary with each case.

    The turnaround time can vary between a few weeks and a few months, just depending on what's going on and what's in the queue ahead of you, and any turnaround times mentioned are estimates/averages only. No delivery date will be guaranteed unless I make that guarantee in writing prior to your booking the service. 

    Clients/customers who nag or pester me asking me when their reading or consultation will be done usually get fired and banned from future bookings. It's perfectly fine to say, "I have X event coming up week after next and I just wanted to check on your turnaround times right now." It is not fine to write and say, "I was wondering when my reading would be done." Those types of inquiries will be answered with a form letter reminding you that I already told you I cannot tell you what date your reading will be delivered on. It is especially not fine to do this more than once unless your goal is to get fired. (This falls under "nagging and pestering" in the Client Agreement.)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To educate yourself about how all this works, understand what is realistic and what is just fantasy, and improve your chances of getting your case taken by a spiritual worker, see the Education tab up top.

    - last update 03/03/22