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Community Honey Jar

I have subscribed to the monthly community prosperity honey jar for my family since Karma started offering it in November of 2020. The full rate for this community jar is a fraction of what I would pay for an individualized prosperity service of the same nature.... I received an unexpected ER copay refund of $200 the first month I participated.... In practical terms, this means that the service paid for itself for the entire 10 months that I have been participating, and it happened the very first month I signed up....

[W]e have received.... a 4% pay raise for me, a 3% pay raise for my husband, a 5.5% bonus for my husband, and a 4% bonus for me. He received an unexpected inheritance that is worth 5% of his annual income. We fell into one of the weird stimulus categories ... so we received an extra $1400 from the IRS this year. Most shocking, my husband received a monthly child support award that will amount to 11% of his annual income, with a back support award that is 16% of his annual income. The other parent had successfully avoided supporting the children financial for eight years, but *poof* two years of legal delays were finally resolved after one petition on this topic in the July honey jar. [And] we received a totally unexpected discount of 20% this month for braces for one of [the children]. . . . So needless to say, I highly recommend the prosperity community honey jar service!

- V, 2021


If you have a testimonial page, please let people know that my favorite formula of yours, Kaliprix, is not just great for romance, but in business, too! We had a recent event in the office where someone very negative was fired.... a lot of tension and uncertainty about changes. Everyone back from the conference, tension still high, but I felt like I was kind of elevated in a stronger position. Never got more praises in a day from so many people, even the ones who work remotely who I only speak with over the phone! Wow.  Talk about an ego boost. If anyone out there is already doing their job well, this formula seemed to work similar to a honey/sweetening jar one would use on their boss at work to favor them, difference was I felt like the charm was infectious.  Really cool and unexpected.

- JH, 2012

Unique and Helpful Service

I have been taking part in the Community Prosperity Jar for a few months now and have really enjoyed the experience. I really like the community aspect of it because it's not just community as in a group of people sharing one honey jar, but a community on Discord as well. I've learned some things I wouldn't have otherwise that have been really useful in terms of my magical education and enjoyed the interaction with the group. The jar itself has been really helpful in gradually opening up a difficult situation where I had an extremely unsupportive and uncommunicative academic advisor. I now have a new advisor and a new committee member who are both available and supportive. This was a situation I had been struggling with for a long time so it was amazing to have some people finally want to support me in my work after I'd been getting the cold shoulder from my advisor for years.


- E, 2021


I feel compelled to write you about an experience I had after I started using your Chuparosa oil on candles for love work. It smells sweet and lovely by the way.

I just added your Chuparosa oil to my work a few weeks ago. Well last Thursday night I had a dream about hummingbirds! Not just a random dream but one where my home office was filled with hanging vines with hundreds of pink and purple flowers and hummingbirds were buzzing around trying to get nectar out of the flowers. One of the hummingbirds flies over next to me where I am sitting on the floor.... I woke up in amazement with the feeling that this has to be a message and while still sleepy I got an idea...later that day when I lit my love candles dressed with Chuparosa I also put a small bowl of sugar water on my alter as an offering to the Divine Hummingbird. I hope I got the message...It made sense at the time. :)

- Sonia, 2012

Coffee at Midnight

This is my favorite love/lust oil. It smells fantastic and quite delicious!... I have a small almost empty bottle of the original, which has aged well and never went bad (even though it's over 5 years old.) I loved it so much I used it very, very sparingly....This is a fabulous product and one I will definitely keep coming back for.

- ES from OH, 2020

See full review at the page for Coffee at Midnight.


Tears of Joy

We do not have words to explain how we feel, we had tears of joy when we got the news, it has been a very long battle it had a physical, mental and financial strain on us all. I would like to thank you once more for your patience, understanding and most of all your help. Thank you!!

- AF from UK, 2014





I swear by her oils. Simply the best.

- ESK, 2013

Opens Your Mind

She's the real deal, folks.

- RSI, 2020

Santisima Muerte Rosary

I bought this rosary to use in protection work for a dangerous, life-threatening situation. I had been stuck in this situation for *months.* Similarly situated people had complained/begged/pleaded for it to be addressed, without success. The people with the power to remove us all from this situation were completely unwilling to deal with the issue and assured us all that we were just going to have to suck it up. The day I received the rosary, I was moved completely out of that situation and told I would not be placed back in it! That was some weeks ago, and I have not yet had to go back into that dangerous situation since then.

- V from LA, 2020



University Application

My son was waiting to hear about his reapplication to a highly competitive university program... We waited all summer with no response. The week before classes had started I figured it was probably too late, but I reached out to Karma for a light setting to back up work I was doing at home using her oils.... My son reached out to the university again and waited.... And that same day (which was maybe a day or two after my spell completed) the department called.... Suddenly he was just in.

...We were so thrilled ... that it worked fast because we really needed it to....So I want to say a huge thank you to Karma and also that her products are fantastic and helped us out when we needed them to work most!

- ES, 2020

Thank You

Your products are definitely the best I’ve ever purchased, and I’ve used many different sources. Your oils are so wonderful, they always make me wonder, hmmm, I wonder if she’d accept an apprentice?  I also once ordered a chicken foot, and I believe it gave my family some serious protection.

-AN, 2014




My daughter was acquitted and my son in law got 6 months less a day, conditional... Thank  you for your wonderful magic, I wanted you to know how effective it all was... All our ancestors are dancing because of you, my friend.  Your powerful magic saved my husband from incarceration and severe punishment, he only got one year conditional, $100 fine, not time served and no community service.  he turns 70 this year and is ailing and prison would have been death for him Karma Zain.

- AA from Canada, 2012

Got My Job Back

You had counseled me earlier in the year regarding a tumultuous job situation.  Just wanted to followup with you to let you know that I have my permanent job back and the two guys that were giving me fits are now under the microscope by the powers that be.

- RE from Texas, 2012



Worth the Wait

Karma's readings are deeply insightful, blending wisdom, compassion, and straightforward honesty in a way few readers can match. She's highly in demand, deservedly so, and worth the wait. Her products are thoughtfully made and reflect a wealth of spiritual experience in several traditions. I don't know anyone else making products of this quality.

- BC from California, 2010

A Little Goes a Long Way

Karma's hoodoo condition oils are beyond fantastic. I get great results with her formulas, they are powerful enough that even a little goes a long way. I'm also thrilled with her different washes, many of which you can't find anywhere else. We keep a bottle of "ctrl-alt-smite" concentrate in the house at all times, and add it to everything from body washes to floor washes. It's definitely our favorite, we consider it an all-purpose negative condition killer!

- ER from Maryland, 2010

Amazing Work

Karma, On receiving the Red Charm, all I can say is WOW! You have really out done yourself this time! Folks, I have been doing business with Karma for quite a while, and although I don't consider myself a worker, I do know when something has power or doesn't, and this definitely does! If you want something that gets the job done, always go to the source, and Karma is that!

- Brad from Seattle, 2021


Top-shelf ingredients, meticulous preparation, and Karma's extensive know-how makes these oils extremely effective. I love working with them and I love the results I've gotten!

- KK from NY, 2021

Makes Me Wish I Were a Floor

This is the most lemony, delicious-smelling concoction. A little goes a long way, and I managed to stretch my last bottle out for years using it once every week or two in a mop bucket. It won't make your floors sticky or film-y.... I know Chinese Wash is not intended for human spiritual baths, but honestly... I've been tempted.

Very Picky

About a year ago I contacted Karma for some Spiritual work I needed done. I am a professional Tarot reader and Spirit worker so I am very picky about who I have work done with.... Her work, worked... really had a lasting affect.

The one thing which is making me give this testimony is an oil I ordered called Waters of Life....Within a few days of using, I found an old deck of Angels given to me by a friend.... It led me to a website, and a new tradition in working with the Angels, that has allowed me to see, hear & feel them....You can actually "feel her" work working. Karma, knows her stuff.

- TM, 2010

Mastery Rosary

After I got it I immediately started carrying it with me ... whenever I went to school. I prayed and worked diligently on assignments and got straight A’s this semester!!! I’m beyond happy! .... The first year and a half there was incredibly difficult for me. No matter how hard I worked my success was very limited and very tough to come by.... I think it gave me that extra “edge” in being able to actually do the work required as well as in getting viewed favorably by my professors. It’s so fulfilling to finally have some success!... It’s very well made. The kind quality that comes when someone cares about what they do.

- S, 2013

A Blessing

I think your reading of my situation was 100% accurate. You are incredibly intuitive. Your stop gossip kit worked great! The light settings have helped. You are a blessing my darling! Please keep all my info because when you get back I want to see where we're at.

- PS from Washington, 2010


Not Just Blowing Smoke

For over 10 years I have been using Karma's incredible mastery of hoodoo. She has helped me out of numerable situations that I thought were set in stone. I'm not just blowing smoke here, her knowledge of what she does is truly an inspiration!

I will continue to use her products and teachings and would highly recommend that you would do the same. There are a lot of so called "aunties" out there, but I never heard Karma refer to any title. She just does the "work", and boy does she ever!

- Brad, 2020


I highly recommend Karma Zain for readings, candle work and talisman work. She has been so helpful and her readings were on target each and every time. I will return to her for more work in the future.

- DV from New York, 2010



I didn’t think I would be leaving a review a day after I received these, but…..WHOA! Even just opening the package was a ride. Glad I found SeraphinStation! The oils are beyond well-crafted and pack a powerful punch. They smell fantastic, too. I’ll definitely be ordering more sooner than later.

- F from Michigan, 2020

This voodoo brujeria chick I met outside New Orleans - man, she’s hotter than crab boil. She’ll put some shit on you Ajax won’t take off.

- BF from Alabama, 1991

I loved your products back in the day and can't wait to see your new formulations.

- LF, 2020

Prosperity Honey Jar

I placed my parents in the Prosperity Honey Jar for help with hospital bills after my dad was taken to the ER and hospitalized. Due to our small town not having an ambulance available my dad was flown by helicopter to a larger hospital in a nearby city., My parents were really worried about what that helicopter ride was going to cost. After putting them in the Prosperity Honey Jar, my dad was only charged for the cost of an ambulance ride (one which was actually shorter than the distance he was taken) and not the helicopter trip. So his insurance covered it, while they probably would not have covered the helicopter, even though it was the only available means of transport. I just wanted to say how grateful I am that this worked out in my parents' favor!                                             

 -ES 2021

Water of Life Oil

I was deciding whether to purchase "Water of Life" oil when I happened to view an old movie on YouTube, in which an Irish character makes the statement in Gaelic that "Whiskey is the water of life". That phrase spoke VOLUMES to me and I immediately purchased this oil. I find it soothing and calming, plus it allows me to hear the more "positive" aspects of my subconscious and finding solutions to life's situations. Well done Karma!

- Shelley, 2022

Vigil Light Setting

I wanted to say a huge thank-you to Karma for a light setting and the inclusion of my son in the Prosperity Honey Jar because it has been the gift that keeps on giving. I had petitioned that he would get enough money to cover his university expenses without needing to take out student loans and he did--but only just enough so that he would cover them with work study, with nothing left over after paying for tuition. But surprise! Months after the period when all the scholarships were awarded (or so we thought) he received a letter saying he had been awarded a $2000 scholarship based on his GPA and financial need. We were so surprised we honestly didn't think it was real until we actually saw the money in his school account.

-ES 2022


Super nice note, very grateful for everything. I loved the package. Put together very nicely and all beautiful. I love these oils and the effort put into them. Thank you.

- Ocean, 2022

Water of Life

First of all, the review by the other user was very helpful to me and is what prompted me to purchase this oil and gave me some ideas of how to use it. I'm still working out how to get the most out of this oil, but I started using it as an anointing oil, with prayer for help in an area where I have been really stuck and don't know what to do anymore. I had just begun doing this when I had a serendipitous meeting with someone who is really in a position to be helpful to me. Without being vague, this person is on my dissertation committee but I hadn't contacted her in over a year partly because she had been promoted to a deanship and partly because I felt like I wasn't making enough progress and I was too embarrassed to reach out. The more time passed, the more I felt reticent about making contact with her. But one day, as I put on Water of Life and prayed for some help in with the dissertation (which really has become a "dark night of the soul" for me), I ran into this woman at a coffee shop. Really quite a chance meeting as we both chose to sit on the outdoor balcony in rather cold weather and I almost didn't recognize her as she was busy talking to someone else and had her back to me. But as she was leaving I looked up to say hello and she suggested a coffee meeting with me when she gets back from her winter vacation. I didn't even have to ask. So it's a start. A possibility opened up where I felt like there was none and I was feeling really discouraged. I've also had a couple of friends offer to help me with reading chapters (we will see if this materializes, but this is the first time in a very long time I've had anyone offer to help with reading my dissertation in a way that would really be useful.) I'm still experimenting to see what this oil can do, but it's off to a very promising start considering I haven't even used it on candles yet. I'm very excited about this one.

-ES 2022



 Reviews from (now defunct), 2001-2006:
  • Karma is exemplary. I use her whenever I need greater depth of insight into my situations. God bless you Karma.
  • Once again a thorough, insightful and spiritually aware response to my questions. A great help to me. Thanks.
  • Extremely helpful, karmas thoroughness and insights have got me going on the right path, I will certainly be back in touch.
  • If I could give Karma 10 stars then I would. Very thorough, very in-depth, made sure I understood everything and that everything was clear before closing off the email sessions. Thanks again Karma - you are right at the top of my favourite experts list.
  • Excellent first time experience, I would definitely recommend! Karma Zain picked up on many many subtle things in my life and family of origin. detailed, caring, took time to research, in-depth, and knows her stuff!
  • Karma's expert services are outstanding, she is in-depth, and can sense and look deep within, this is not something to be taken lightly, this not a game to ask about flippant or trivial things in life. I am always in awe from reading my responses from Karma Zain!
  • She said something in my read 2 days ago that I just didnt believe.... I hate being wrong!!
  • Dear Karma, Thank you for puttiing my mind at rest, with your very accurate and informative reading and insight. In love and light. Tracy.
  • Connected EXTREMELY well to situation If you seek an honest no fluff read then see KZ.


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