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Ultimate Money Drawing Oil - Totally Customized
Ultimate Money Drawing Oil - Totally Customized

Ultimate Money Drawing Oil - Totally Customized

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Please note handling time for this custom formula STARTS at 25 days.

Ultimate Money Drawing Oil contains traditional herbs, oils, and minerals associated with attracting money in the hoodoo tradition, along with a few additional ingredients to take it up to the next level in helping you accomplish your goals. This blend will contain, among other things, real natural diamond dust, real 24 karat gold, and herbal, mineral, or talismanic additions keyed to you and your specific situation and petition.

So this will be *your* oil - nobody else's. There'd be no point in lending it out or in someone else using it. I'm using your precise, unique astrological data based on your exact place and time of birth (down to the minute, if you give me that information) as well as any influencing elements associated with the specific thing or area or organization you're seeking to achieve or maintain success in. This is something akin to giving a trained hunting dog someone's belongings so the dog can get their scent, if you'll allow a potentially awkward metaphor. Once the dog has it, that's that - locked in.

I'm creating a little symbolic magical environment, just like any other container spell such as a honey jar or mojo bag. So I put things in the environment that resonate with what you want to see writ larger in your life environment, be they ingredients keyed to a particular spirit or planetary energy or an actual, physical talisman that I create and draw or carve onto stone or metal. This has a few implications to keep in mind. 

  • You know how you aren't supposed to let anybody else handle your mojo bag? Same deal here. Add something of your own to it when you get it, if you like, and then keep it safe. If you're going to carry it with you, consider some kind of container for it with a little padding like a fabric lipstick case or glasses case. If you want to have it in your pocket for easy access, consider decanting some into a smaller container that you can tuck away more easily so it's not clanging against your keys all the time.
  • We need to discuss the particulars when you check out, and those particulars need to include your date, time, and place of birth as well as explanations of the general field of endeavor or influence you're in and any specific organizations or entities that might be involved as key players. It's ok if you don't have the name of absolutely every person you're going to encounter along the way as you move towards your goals at work, for instance, but if you work in real estate vs. a hospital, I really need to know that kind of thing. (If you don't have the exact minute/second of your birth time, that's alright, but the more precise you can be, the better.)
  • It's best to choose one or two things if you want its ingredients tweaked for very specific goals (which isn't necessary). If you ask one item or bottle of oil to do a whole bunch of extremely specific things, it probably won't do any of them especially well. Example of how you might want to customize: you're a freelance writer and you need a steady flow of decent gigs with clients who will pay on time, and you need to not just earn money but to hang onto the money you earn instead of watching it all evaporate every month in a haze of bills. That would be a fine goal for this custom oil.
  • Example of how you don't want to customize: "John Smith of X Corp pays me for the overdue work and then gives me 12 referrals, I get 3 new corporate clients next month, and my work is featured in a print magazine next year."
  • If you envision using it in work for a bunch of very specific things, that's fine - have me customize it for you personally in a more general, traditional Money Drawing formula keyed to you, and then you can set it to work on more specific individual concerns through your own prayers, petitions, and spell choices when those situations come up. This is preferable to having me make an oil with 100 different ingredients in it or the like.
  • So for example, think about how you're going to use your custom oil. A half-ounce bottle could last you a while. Is your huge, life-altering interview in two weeks? Then maybe you don't want to key in your oil solely on getting that job. Maybe you want to have the oil focus more broadly on drawing money in general so you can still use it if you are at a different job next year. Then you can use it in your specific working aimed at landing the new job but you can keep on using it for other things that fall under the general money drawing heading as they come up.

The details are up to you, and legally I can make no claims or guarantees about this oil having any supernatural powers. But I can promise that all ingredients will be in a custom, high-quality Money Drawing base that contains real gold and real diamond dust as well as other herbs and essential oils prized by rootworkers for generations. And I can promise that this oil will be individually made by me, with full attention to your customization concerns and the full benefit of my 35 years of experience as a rootworker. I don't "outsource" any aspect of my altar work or formula creation. I'm hands on for all of it.

Please note that this is a spiritual item and not a cosmetic or perfume. While I use cosmetic-grade gold dust and perfume-safe levels of essential oils, I do not make this as a cosmetic and it is not labeled in accordance with cosmetic labeling laws. I have no way of predicting any sensitivities or allergies you might have, and I cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions if you choose to use this item as a cosmetic anyway. All-natural does not equal hypoallergenic.

And even if you did a patch test and demonstrated skin safety in your own case, this contains diamond dust. Diamonds are sharp. So no, you should not add it to your shampoo or use it so your body glitter will have something to stick to or any of that stuff people are always asking :)

SHIPPING / HANDLING TIMES: You should expect a minimum of 25 days' handling time on this item. In order to make your custom oil, I have to draw up your astrological birth chart, investigate any key influences in effect in the present and near future, and in some cases do the same thing for important entities or organizations (companies and events can have "birth charts," too). I might perform additional divination or more extensive spirit work as I fine tune the best approach to take and the best elements to include in your custom formula. This might involve my designing and drawing or carving a planetary sigil, the seal of a spirit or angel, or an emblem designed to strengthen an elemental influence that isn't as strong as would be ideal. It may also involve my needing to order or locate an ingredient that I don't normally keep in stock. All of this takes time.


So if you have any concerns about having your oil by a certain date in the near-ish future, you need to ask about that BEFORE you order. This item does not come with a guaranteed delivery date or any option to specify one. Things like that have to be agreed upon and put in writing before you finalize an order for products or altar work. And as outlined in the shop policies and Terms of Service, once work has begun on a customized item, no cancellations or refunds can be made. 

The payoff for your patience is that you get fresh blends and powerful products made the old fashioned way, by hand and with focused intent, by a worker with 35 years of experience who is paying personal attention to *your* items. And that personal attention is my goal, not one- or two-day turnaround.

Half-ounce bottle.

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