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Honey Jar Altar Work
Honey Jar Altar Work
Honey Jar Altar Work

Honey Jar Altar Work

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With this service, I create a custom honey jar according to your intentions/petitions and work it for four weeks on my altars. This involves its custom creation from scratch according to your petition/intention and then my setting lights on it and working it directly and actively three days a week for four weeks, for an average of two hours a day.

Honey jar work is a great approach when you need to sweeten somebody up, and they're useful in an incredible variety of situations in traditional hoodoo rootwork, definitely not just love and relationship stuff. You might want to sweeten someone up to your ideas or your side in a dispute, or maybe you want to put your coworkers in a sweet jar in a case of nasty office politics. You can use a honey jar to help a family who's been fussing and fighting a lot, or you can use it in domination work when your concern is your wellbeing over someone else's.

You can use these to sweeten up an ex and try to get them to return and get back together, or you can use them on an ex you never even want to see again, you just want them to soften their heart and do right by their child. So don't fall prey to the misconception "honey jars are just for love work." You'll be depriving yourself of a really reliable tool if you do.

These are very well suited to mid- to long-term situations that need steady but gentle pressure on them pretty much the whole time. They aren't known for bringing the fastest results in creation, though; they're generally worked for weeks or months (or even years) rather than days, which is why the initial work is for four weeks. After that, you have several options to choose from, all of which are outlined in the client contract.

This is a contracted altar work service, meaning it gets a formal written contract that you review and agree to before you book your service. Normally, I write up these contracts for rootwork services for one client at a time and only after a formal consultation session is done. But there isn't much variation between one honey jar working and another, at least not once the jar is made. So you can book honey jar altar work without having a formal consultation first. (If you and I have never talked about your case before, though, a consultation -- or at least a conversation -- is still a good idea first.)

How It Works

Review the honey jar contract for rootwork services, taking care to click through to the site Terms of Service and general Client Agreement as well if you haven't read them before.

If you understand and accept the terms and want to proceed to book the altar work service, add the initial month listing to your cart and check out.

Provide the info necessary for me to start your altar work service. If I have any additional questions for you, I'll contact you.


These are small jars about 2" high and holding about 1.5 oz, selected to be easy and safe to ship for a reasonable cost even full of ingredients and even surrounded by lots of bubble wrap. There is absolutely no correlation between the size of the jar and how well a honey jar working works :) But every once in a while, a client/customer has a specific working in mind or is dealing with a certain personal concern or formula where this jar is too small to hold what it needs to hold, so please don't book this without running it by me first if you have any concerns about the jar size, to make sure I have larger jars in stock and ready to go if necessary.

This service does not come with a guarantee that it will start on a certain day or at a certain time. If your work must start on a certain day/time, DO NOT BOOK THIS SERVICE. You need to contact me first for your own customized, formal contract with the date agreed on in advance and put in writing.

I reserve the right to cancel and refund any booking of this or any service at my sole discretion, per site terms of service. Just as you are under no obligation to continue this work after your initially contracted month is up, I am under no obligation to accept your booking of an extension, so you shouldn't assume that by booking a month of honey jar work, you therefore have a rootworker in your pocket for the next year or two. Doesn't work like that :)


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