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News — bs spotted on pinterest

More Pinterest Potshots

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-So then I keep the jar in a dark place, right?  -Sure.  -And when it’s all done, I need to dispose of the ritual remains.  -That’s it. You got it.  -And then I cleanse myself and my target.  -You– wait, what? Why in the everloving hell would you cleanse your target?  -I saw it on Pinterest.  -Oh for God’s sake.

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Quick Little Catholic Iconography Lesson

art bs spotted on pinterest catholic iconography iconography immaculate heart jesus religion sacred heart virgin mary

Ok, the Pinterest Pedant strikes again. Mary does not have a Sacred Heart. Mary has an Immaculate Heart. This is the Immaculate Heart of Mary: sword, flames, roses. No thorns. This is the Sacred Heart. Only Jesus has a Sacred Heart. Thorns, not roses. Pierced, but with a spear, not a sword. Flames but note the cross in the midst of them. Occasionally the Sacred Heart will be pierced by an arrow instead. This has to do with an idea that we wound Christ with blasphemy and profaning the Sabbath. The Golden Arrow Prayer said in reparation is said to...

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questions you’ve asked: dressing vs. drowning candles, cinnamon, BS spotted on Pinterest

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Q: Not a real question but a PSA on dressing candles.Y’all got some real pretty dressed candles on Instagram and Pinterest, folks. Some of y’all got some real pretty big ole fire hazards up on Instagram and Pinterest. Look, those big old chunks of rose petal and various herbs look really nice for the camera, but that shit is a straight up fire hazard and it’s interfering with your candle work. The candle cannot do what it’s supposed to do when you choke it out with huge globs of herbs. Y’all don’t need to be playing like that, especially not...

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