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Consultations & Readings

This page contains general info about divination and coaching services and my approach to them. At the bottom of the page, you'll find the specific services that are available and links to more info and the booking page.

If you are a new client/customer, please read the info on this page before choosing and booking a service so you know how this works and what to expect.

To learn more about the altar work and spiritual services I provide, or to book services like light settings or honey jar work, visit the Altar Work collection page.

Readings vs. Consultations

The consultation sessions I offer are not the same thing as standalone readings, necessarily. They are advice- and guidance-oriented. Though consultations often involve divination, they are goal-oriented, targeted, have a narrow focus, and are meant to provide you with specific advice and remedies from a hoodoo perspective.

If you want an in-depth look your relationship dynamic or which of several career choices are your best bet, for instance, that's not what a consultation does -- that's what readings are for. Consultations focus on what action you should consider taking on a spiritual level in order to achieve a stated goal.


Established clients and customers in good standing may book standalone readings when they are shown as being available in the below listings. (Standalone readings are those that are not related to altar work being undertaken or considered, which falls under consultations.) If you have ever been a client or customer, you'll be in good standing as long as you haven't gotten banned for some reason.

I'm not keen on getting booked out 10+ weeks on readings like I did in 2015, so if bookings start stacking up, I might have to maintain an "inventory count" on these. If you see the listing but it says "out of stock," that would mean I'm booked as far out as I'm comfortable with at the moment, and I'll announce via social media/blog when I'm scheduling them again.


Anyone who hasn't gotten themselves banned can book a consultation, so new customers/clients are welcome to book.

When Do I Need One?

Altar Work. Simpler altar work, like vigil light settings and the creation of mojo bags, does not require that you book a separate, formal consultation before I can begin your work. If you see it available on the site as something with a listing that you can book or add to your cart, then you can proceed, and our informal consultation is built into it already rather than being a separate thing. It will be via email as you give me your information and I ask whatever questions I need info about to proceed. Provided you are not a jerk, a sociopath, or totally unrealistic in your expectations, I will then proceed to perform your work as outlined in the description.

But more complex and/or extended work usually requires you to book a formal consultation session first. We'd use the consultation session to go over details, do some divination, and arrive at a course of action that makes sense to you and fits your budget (because there is *always* more than one way to do things). Be sure to read about Types of Altar Work before booking to understand how I work and what types of cases I do and do not take.

Personalized Guidance/Coaching. I happily answer questions about my products and can usually make recommendations about what sort of product you should look at for your particular desired outcome if you just email me.

But sometimes clients want a little more -- a little more direction, a suggestion for an unusual case, a suggestion for a type of working, some more detailed feedback on the best way to approach their own situation, or even a set of step-by-step instructions on how to do something. A consultation will get you this personal attention and advice.

Questions you can just email me to ask:

  • "What oil should I use for the honey jar work to get married?"
  • "I am looking for a new job. What sort of mojo bag should I get?"
  • "Can I combine Crown of Success and Full Mental Jacket for my upcoming exams?"

You do not need to purchase a consultation for short, direct, to-the-point questions like those above. If you can ask your question in a few sentences and if an answer of a few sentences will suffice, just email me. No need to book anything.

Questions you should book a consultation for:

  • "How should I work a "break up" spell on my spouse and her new lover if I don't know the new lover's name and my spouse has left and is in another state now?"
  • "I have to tell you the background of [fill in the blank] ..."
  • "Here's the situation + info I'm wanting to book altar work for. There are these seven people..."
  • "Would you consider taking my love/reconciliation/other case?"
  • Anything much longer than a (short-ish) paragraph.

You get the idea, I hope. If you cannot ask your question in a few sentences, or if a few sentences will not suffice as an answer, then you probably need a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To educate yourself about how all this works, understand what is realistic and what is just fantasy, improve your chances of getting your case taken by a spiritual worker, and reduce your chances of getting scammed by a con artist, see the Education tab up top.