Consultations & Readings

This page contains general info about divination services and my approach to them. If you want to have your case assessed as a potential rootwork client or are looking for a reading or coaching session, scroll down to the photos and menu of services below.

To learn more about the altar work and spiritual services I provide, or to book services like light settings or honey jar work, visit the Altar Work collection page.

See the individual service listing for turnaround and waiting times.


When Do I Need One?

Most mojo bags, talismans, pakets, and single-candle light setting services may be ordered without a formal consultation - simply email me to discuss the details of your request before you order or reply to your order acknowledgment email after you order.

Most other types of altar work or conjure cases require a formal consultation before I can say if I would take your case and give you a quote for the fees. For an overview of how I work and the type of cases I do and don't take, please see my Altar Work page.

While I happily answer any questions about my products and can often make recommendations about what sort of product you should look at for your particular desired outcome, sometimes clients want a little more -- a little more direction, a suggestion for an unusual case, a suggestion for a type of working, or some more detailed feedback on the best way to approach their own situation. A consultation session will get you this personal attention and advice.

Example of the sorts of questions I am happy to answer via email at no charge:

Q: "What oil should I use for the honey jar work to get married?"

Q: "I am looking for a new job. What sort of mojo bag should I get?"

Q: "Can I combine Crown of Success and Full Mental Jacket for my upcoming exams?"

You do not need to purchase a consultation for short, direct, to-the-point questions like those above, if you can ask your question in a few sentences and a short answer will suffice.

Questions that you should get a consultation for:

Q: "Can you tell me what I should do to work a "break up" spell on my spouse and her new lover if I don't know the new lover's name or my spouse has left and is in another state now?"
Q: "I have to tell you the background of [fill in the blank] ..."
Q:  "Here's the situation + info I'm wanting to book altar work for."

You get the idea, I hope. If you cannot ask your question in about two sentences, or if a two-sentence answer will not help you, then you probably need a consultation. If you send me a whole paragraph and/or a lot of details/history, you'll probably get a form letter telling you how to book a consultation.


Readings versus Consultations: I am not currently taking new clients for standalone readings that are not related to spiritual/altar work being undertaken or considered.