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Altar Work

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the listings for the standard altar work services that can currently be booked without a separate, prior consultation.

Info for New Clients

I provide some altar and spiritual work with only short, informal consultation, so you do not usually need a preliminary formal consultation or reading to get this set up. Examples include vigil lights set for you on my altars, the creation of custom-finished mojo bags and pakets, some "spiritual first aid" workings with less elaborate ingredients that I can prepare fairly quickly, community altar services (see next section), and custom chicken foot charms. For work like this, you can just select the item or book the service by adding it to your cart and checking out. 

Longer-term and more complex work requires a formal consultation session before I could say if I would take your case, what specific work I would recommend, and what sort of materials and costs would be involved.

Read more about how consults and intakes work at the Consultations page. To read more about my background, specialties, and what previous clients have had to say, see my About page. If you have a question about any of my services that isn't answered in the FAQ or in the descriptions of commonly requested spiritual work, feel free to contact me.

Community Altar Services

Community altar work services focus on a particular goal or area and have a limited number of “seats” for each working. They are a great compromise between big workings open to any number of folks (inexpensive but with little customization available) and hiring a worker to do 100% custom, private services just for you (completely tailored to you but often considerably more expensive since the costs of time and materia magica are not being shared by more than one person).

The services I offer will usually vary from month to month depending on the current liturgical and astrological calendars, though I currently offer community honey jar workings for both love/relationships and prosperity/income every month.