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If you are looking for how-to information, see the Education link in the main menu. You'll find a directory  of "Conjure 101" or rootwork education articles. They will point you to info including (but definitely not limited to) the following:

* how to use oils or powders

* how to set lights

* how to do certain hoodoo rites or spiritual workings

* how to take a spiritual bath

* how to work with a saint or spirit

* how to write a petition

* how to hire a professional worker

* how to get a good reading

* how to avoid being scammed by liars and frauds

Instructions for Products and Items

Items do not come with instructions unless the listing states that they do. There are many, many ways to use these products, and they're used to construct an appropriate working given the particulars of the case/client.

As a professional rootworker, I doubt I've ever done the same altar work the same way twice - everything is customized for the client/situation. This is not a one size fits all scenario where you pick a spell out of a book. Hoodoo just isn't that kind of system. So different workers will work different ways sometimes, and there is always more than one way to use an item.

For candles, generally people carve their names and petitions on them, unless they set them on photos or name papers, or unless they affix photos to the candle itself. But beyond that - fancy altars, no altars, saints, no saints, powders, no powders, one day burn right through, burn a bit for seven days - the possibilities are nearly endless. My supplies are building blocks, but the architectural plans are yours.

I cannot offer free spell consultations or "give you a spell" to use with a product. I am happy to comment briefly on any plan you have for a spell that you want my feedback on, so if you bring me an idea (and can explain it briefly) and ask for feedback, I can probably answer.  If you write me asking me to give you a spell, though, you're probably going to be disappointed. Even when I do give "instructions," that terminology is a bit misleading because it implies a "one correct way to do things." That's not how this works. So I think of these "instructions" more as "suggestions" in the majority of cases.

If you need guidance on general principles of spellcraft, or on using hoodoo oils, powders, etc. in general, visit the Education link up top or the blog for tips, tricks, and links to reliable educational esources.

If you require specific guidance or feedback and want my personal attention on your use of my products or on the "spell" you are casting, you can book a consultation session.

It is not humanly possible for me to answer all the email I receive asking for free spell advice and for instructions on how to do X,Y, or Z with my products. If you need a spell, your single best resource is probably Lucky Mojo - they have hundreds if not thousands of hoodoo spells listed. Please don't order a candle or oil and then get mad at me when I can't answer questions about the specific spell you're using with it. I don't advertise that service and don't offer it. There are *hundreds* of spells out there. And they are free for the searching.

Correspondence and Contact

Email response times: I try to answer all correspondence within 48 hours (two business days) of its receipt, often much sooner. Depending on email volume and how my internet is behaving, though, it may take me longer, especially if your response requires significant typing, needs an invoice or contract made, or involves my looking something up in records. We are not open on weekends or holidays.

If you are writing about an order that has already been placed, please see the payment acknowledgment email you received after you made payment for guidelines on how best to direct further info or inquiries. You should reply to that email instead of using the contact form here or writing from a different address. In the interest of client/customer privacy, we cannot answer questions about your order if they come from a different email address or through our contact form.

Hours, Contact, and Appointments: Email is the only reliable way to contact me directly and get a personal response from me. I do not have set, regular "open hours" as I am rarely available during the day, and appointments have to be scheduled via email, so you have to start with email either way. Please see the Consultations page for more info about scheduling those and the Altar Work page for more info about altar work and in-person work.

Sending customization info for your items: After checking out, you'll get a payment acknowledgment email with info about how to communicate with us about your order - you'll generally need to reply to that email with any additional information. The exception would be items like mojo bags where there's a standard set of questions I send to everybody. You'd wait for and then reply to that list of questions. The item listing will tell you if your item or service has a standard intake form or questionnaire.

If you send a separate/second email with a different subject line instead of following the directions in replying to your order acknowledgment email or intake form, it can slow me down considerably on processing your order. So please read and follow those instructions for best and most efficient service.

Cancellations, Refunds, and Chargebacks

All sales are final. I cannot restock most of my items as they are individually prayed over or otherwise custom-finished pieces, or are consumables such as herbs, salts, and oils that cannot be returned for hygiene reasons. If there is a problem with your order when you receive it, contact me for how to proceed by replying to your order acknowledgment email. If I've made a mistake, I'll work with you on making it right.

No refunds or cancellations can be made once an order has entered processing, because that means custom work has begun on it. (If it's been prayed over for you, I can't very well return it to stock and sell it to somebody else.) So please ask any questions about shipping and delivery before you place an order.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about products, services, or shipping. We are also happy to investigate shipping alternatives if you are overseas and the rate showing up seems crazy to you, for instance. But this needs to be sorted out before you finalize an order by paying for it.

I don't want to run a big warehouse, and I don't want my customers to be upset or surprised -- I want people to understand what they are getting. And the majority of my customers do. But there is always someone who doesn't read any of the TOS or item listing details and freaks out if they order on a Friday and don't have their item by the following Wednesday. If they put in a chargeback, they screw things up for me and all my other customers, which is not fair to those who do read the listings and TOS.

So understand that chargebacks are considered theft. Any refunds or cancellations must be initiated on this end. In addition, chargebacks negate the usual guarantee of client privacy: they will be reported to every colleague I have, every professional organization I'm affiliated with, and any relevant legal, spiritual, and/or financial entities, such as collections. See the TOS for more info.

Handling Times

Handling times start at five business days and will be longer for large orders, bulk orders, orders with several custom items like pakets or mojo bags, and international orders. Please see the Shipping & Handling page for more information.

If you are in a hurry, please do not order without writing me first to inquire about whether I can meet your deadline. I cannot honor requests for specific delivery deadlines unless that is agreed upon in writing *before you order.*

We are not open and do not ship on weekends or federal holidays. Weekends and holidays are not business days.

Shipping Notifications and Order Status

You will receive an automated email to the address associated with your payment account as soon as your shipping label is generated. Please see the Shipping and Handling page for more information.

Returns, Damage in Transit, and Problems

Please retain the original item, including packaging and shipping material, if your item is damaged when it arrives. Your order acknowledgment email and the Shipping and Handling page contain instructions on how to proceed.

We do not accept and cannot refund unauthorized returns.


If you purchase jewelry or a rosary item that I have made myself, I will repair it if it suffers normal wear and tear, whether it's a week or a year after you purchase it (assuming repair is possible). Please note that wearing ritual jewelry or prayer beads out to go dancing or to the gym or beach is not normal wear and tear. And lying to your rootworker is seriously bad juju.


How to Book a Light Setting: You can book a light setting service at the Altar Work page.  Please read the information there carefully before you book.

How to Book Altar Work or Services: Please visit the Altar Work page to read about what kind of cases I take, how to get your case considered, whether you can book directly or need a consult and/or contract first, and how to get more info.

How to Book a Consultation: If you would like to book a consultation to have your case assessed, or if you aren't sure whether you need to book a consultation, see the Consultations page for more info.

Skin Safety

Oils are for prayer and ritual use in anointing candles and other objects; they are not cosmetics or perfumes and are not sold or labeled as such. We accept no responsibility for allergies or adverse reactions if customers choose to wear them anyway.

You are advised to research essential oil dilution levels with carrier oils if you want to wear any spiritual oil, manufactured by anyone, that is not labeled and sold as a cosmetic. Any U.S. seller advertising their oils as products for skin application who doesn't label them and list the ingredients according to International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient standards can be shut down by the FDA for violation of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act.

All-natural does not equal hypoallergenic and many essential oils are dangerous if ingested and/or applied to the skin. Even oils that are generally considered skin safe can cause reactions in sensitive individuals, and new allergies can develop in a person's lifetime unexpectedly. Thus, even if you do your research, you should still do a skin test with any new container of any kind of formula, sold by anyone, if it will come into contact with your skin.