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Code of Ethics

Fees for spiritual services are clearly listed in a product listing or client contract that outlines what those fees cover. I do not surprise clients with hidden fees or "emergencies" that come up during a reading or altar work that require them to immediately send me more money, and I don't perform additional altar work that would require additional fees without a client's prior agreement.

I do not harass or threaten clients who inform me that they don't want to follow the course of action I recommend, that they want to get a second opinion, or that they want to have another worker take their case.  

I will not knowingly undertake spiritual work that will cause undue and avoidable harm to infants or children. 

I will not perform spiritual work for the goal of rendering a target mindless, paralyzed, or stupefied so that they cannot give informed consent to sexual activity.

In order for me to take a case, divination and assessment have to show that the client has realistic goals and expectations, that the desired work is not a lost cause, and that the work will be ultimately beneficial to the client's health and happiness.* 

I respect client privacy and maintain the confidentiality of my clients' personal information. If I use any photographs of client altar work on my websites or social media accounts, they will be edited to obscure any means of identifying the client.**

I do not knowingly offer, sell, or recommend products, curios, or preparations that involve cruelty to animals, that contain hazardous chemicals, or that threaten an endangered species. To the best of my knowledge, any animal-derived materia magica I offer, sell, use, or recommend is cruelty-free and in compliance with local, state, and federal law.

I do not misrepresent or fabricate my training or qualifications. If I determine that a client's requirements are beyond my capabilities to fulfil, I will say so, and, if possible, make recommendations or referrals to a qualified person or agency.

I will not take advantage of clients experiencing emotional distress or mental illness. If I see warning signs that a client is becoming overly dependent or compulsive in seeking spiritual services, I will discuss my concerns with the client. I may delay or decline accepting further bookings with a client who is unwilling to address overly dependent or compulsive behavior. 

If spiritual work and/or divination suggest that a client's goal is not realistically attainable/is a lost cause, I will encourage the client to set time limits for the work, past which, if there's been no sign of forward movement, the client will let it go and move on rather than continuing to cling to a fantasy outcome. It's up to the client what those time limits are - I do not impose them. But if the time limits pass and the client is still unable or unwilling to stop pursuing or performing spiritual work on the situation, I may decline to work with that client further on the situation in question.

If I become convinced that a client's success in their goals can best be attained through their pursuing measures such as entering counseling, seeking legal aid, or obtaining medical treatment in addition to, or prior to, our spiritual work together, I will say so, and, if possible, provide a recommendation or referral to a qualified professional or resource in the applicable field. I may delay or decline working further with clients who are unwilling to seek appropriate professional guidance or help.


For some examples of what I mean by this, see Commonly Requested Altar Work.

** For legal limits on client confidentiality, see the Client Privacy section of the Client Agreement.

Acknowledgments: While I am not currently a member of AIRR, the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, I was a member from its inception until I took a hiatus from public life in 2015, and my articulation of my own professional ethics has certainly been influenced by the AIRR Code of Conduct.