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Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel - SOLD

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Call on the blessings and protection of St. Michael and the nine choirs of angels with this one-of-a-kind Angelic Crown chaplet, aka Chaplet of St. Michael. Czech glass Pater beads in iridescent blues crystal clear pressed glass Ave beads cast bronze reproduction of an antique Latin American rosary center cast bronze reproduction of an antique St. Michael holy medal [Remember, this blog here at the shop address is a mirror / backup of the real Seraphin Station blog here. Visit there to comment, ask questions, get responses, interact with others, see useful and interesting links and resources, and/or read all the...

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Brutal review of Coffee at Midnight

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Some of y’all testers and critics are really mean! Coffee at Midnight smells like coffee, for real, because it contains coffee oil, cold pressed from the seeds of Coffea arabica L. I source the best ingredients I can manage for this formula, and they’re expensive. But some of you are not impressed. One reviewer’s verdict: “Smells like pumpkin seeds covered in raccoon poop.” – Jane, age 4 Get a real job, Jane. (I’m just kidding, sweetie. You’re good. And I’d probably be worried about you if you did like coffee at the age of four  ) Fortunately, most adults who appreciate both coffee and...

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New Zodiac Series Oils

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Zodiac Series Oils at Seraphin Station. Also new (in the sense that I just now got around to listing them): Boss Fix , Exodus Oil, More Than Conquerors Oil, All Saints, Chrysalis, Healing.

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services and stuff update, N.B. 2015 folks

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Oils and Other Formulas I’ve been able to order some essential oils and herbs and they should be getting here any minute now. So I’m getting pretty close to being good to go on a full range of regular condition/dressing oil formulas. Same with common bath/floorwash crystal mixtures, and this will enable me to make a decent range of mojo bags and pakets, too. It’ll probably be a minute before I’ll be able to have a dozen of every type of whole root in my cabinets ready to go on a moment’s notice — who knew it then, but those...

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