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About Seraphin Station

We're a couple of artists and spiritual seeker types who rather suddenly found ourselves trying to farm, homestead, and raise animals in the rural Deep South, just outside the bayou on the Alabama/Mississippi border. There's a bit of a story for how we got here - if you want to read more, you can see our About page at our main blog.

Out here at Seraphin Station, our farm/studio/shop/home, we're recovering a long-derelict farm, renovating a neglected house, repairing a crumbling old barn, landscaping with an eye towards native plants and permaculture, building with reclaimed wood and metal, and working on growing food as well as herbs used in folk medicine and folk magic.

Mike's a carpenter, artist, and practicing Buddhist. I'm a writer, artist, spiritual advisor, and rootworker. I also serve the lwa in a Franco-Haitian gnostic vodou lineage (not traditional Haitian sevis) with full consecration as an autocephalus bishop aligned with the independent sacramental movement. (There's more info about all of that in About Karma Zain and in my bio at Big Lucky Hoodoo.)

We make things that range from the eminently practical (dog collars, chicken coops, custom-fit bookshelves) to the deliciously, defiantly impractical (mala beads made with wild-gathered animal bones; a spiritual petition or prayer woven into a recycled silk wall hanging for your living room).

Seraphin Station is also the home of my line of traditional hoodoo spiritual supplies that were available under Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies branding from 2002-2015.

We believe in conjure, kindness, and creativity, and we make stuff to help ourselves and others live lives with more of all of these in it. Much of our work reflects and explores the rich, colorful, and often flat-out weird lore and traditions of the Deep South, which is so central to our own personal mythologies.

If you were a customer of Karma Zain Spiritual Supplies between 2002-2015 and want to know what happened -- or what's going to happen if you had a report or order fall through the cracks when I closed up shop -- visit the blog for details.

Gratitude to our equivalent of "angel investors" so I could reopen and rebuild: Adrien for the eternal faith and generosity; Arthur for contributions to tree remediation, Eevee the Crowdsourced Dog, that Communist irrigation, and the Auto Zone bill from hell; ma marraine et mon parrain; Mike & Mary for trust and understanding; Julia for all the gifts that eased the way, chief of which was hope; Brian C. for "definitely not the worst email in the world"; Valerie, already a saint without dying or being martyred; and Sandra, the blessings of St. Peter upon you.