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Readings and Consultations

Under construction. Visit the Readings & Consultations page for more info.

Light Setting Services

I can set a light on my altars for your petition, prayer, or goal if you are unable to burn candles at home and/or want my "backup" on work you're doing yourself. This can be a short-term taper or votive that burns for a few hours, a 7-day vigil candle or novena, a 10-day oil lamp, or anything in between. Reports and photos are sent via email after the completion of the work.

View available light setting services here.

Distance & In-Person Work

I do most work at a distance from the client; most conjure work, even uncrossing, can be done without physical client presence.

I do not have a shop you can drop into without an appointment -- though if you are local or traveling here, appointments are certainly possible. Contact me to talk about setting these up.


I am sometimes available for in-person Uncrossing or Spiritual Cleansing, and I can do on-site House Cleansing and Blessing (though I probably won't schedule you for one if I've never worked with you before, and they usually require a non-refundable deposit with the appointment because a couple of folks have ruined it for everybody). In the past, I've hosted Spiritual Cleansing / Head-washing (lave tet) events in Georgia and Alabama, and those are a possibility for the future if this COVID thing ever lets up. Emailing me would be the first step.

If you are local, I am happy to schedule an appointment for in-person work or for product pickup - just please contact me as far in advance as you can so I can rearrange my schedule accordingly.

Kits and Packages

I also prepare a lot of kits and packages to mail to clients and customers. With these, I prep everything in your custom package or kit, tailored to your specific needs after a formal or informal consultation to learn what you have going on and determine what you need. For instance, I might prepare a custom honey jar kit with herbs and oils selected specifically for your situation, which I'd ship along with everything else you needed and instructions on what to do with it all.

In other cases, I might begin the work on my end, prepping it, getting it started, and working it for a few days, or a few weeks, or a few months, before sending it to you with instructions on how to continue/complete it. There are plenty of options depending on your budget and comfort level in doing your own work, so don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your situation and ask any questions you have.

You can see some available customized kit options in the Spell & Prayer Kits section of the shop.


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