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Herb List

This is a listing of the herbs I have available at least sometimes and what they are used for. I'm listing things as I have time, and this is a work in progress that will probably change constantly.

I focus on providing herbs and curios that I grow or forage myself or that I can source through my network so that I know they've been harvested sustainably and without destructive, wasteful monoculture farming practices that deplete the soil and put the microclimate out of balance. That means most of what I offer here will be available in my region, but I will sometimes list things that grow in other regions if they're hard to get and I happen to obtain some, or if a source in my network has a good deal on something (or I can only get it in really large quantities) and I buy a little bit more than I usually would.

Some of these you won't find in published sources on hoodoo, and in some cases they might not have much written about their magical uses at all, anywhere. People have historically worked with what they had in their regions and microclimates, and the knowledge was passed down in the oral tradition. They didn't always know where it came from. They also didn't always get to pass it down and so sometimes it just plain got lost. Only a fraction of the regionally-specific lore about herbs and curios in American folk magic has ever been gathered into one place, under one cover or one URL. 

I use hoodoo rootwork correspondences for the herbs in the overwhelming majority of my products, most of which would be familiar to a modern-day worker no matter where they lived. Where I live and grew up on the Gulf Coast, though, we have a pretty big range of influences, traditions, paradigms, and ingredients. Culture, history, biome, and geography mean that there are some things we might do just a little differently down here. In many cases, it just isn't realistic to expect to be able to slot everything into neat categories with firm boundaries and say "this is Cajun" and "this is from Mexican herblore" and things like that. But in cases where I have some info or ideas about that kind of thing, I'll be providing that in more extended profiles as I'm able to write them up in my notes towards A Bayou Hoodoo Herbal.

Please note that my herbs are not prepared in a commercial kitchen and are not packaged/sold as food items. They are intended for spiritual use in incenses, oils, altar work, etc., not for human consumption.

To see the herbs currently available, click here.

 (*) denotes an herb that should be used or handled with caution 

Herb List


Agrimonia eupatoria

Uncrossing, reversing, protection, better retail sales.
Althaea leaves
Bayberry berries
Bayberry leaves  and bark

Blackberry leaves

Rubus spp.

Protective, strengthening.
Reverse evil and return to sender, prevent theft, ward off illness and restore strength.

Black Walnut bark Anti-fertility, jinxing, severing emotional ties, keeping someone at a distance. Something of a spiritual antiseptic and vermifuge.
Black Walnut shells See above.

Blueberry leaves

Vaccinium § cyanococcus spp.

Butterfly weed

(Milkweed, pleurisy root)

Asclepias spp.


Camphor leaves

Cinnamomum camphora 

Purifying, vibration raising. Used for spiritual cleansing, psychic vision, dreaming true, overcoming carnal distractions.

Camphor bark

Cinnamomum camphora

See above.
Cedar chips Benevolent influence, gentle commanding, strength, protection, spiritual cleansing.
Cedar powder

See above.



Clover, red

Clover, white

(Shamrock, White shamrock)
Trifolium repens
Protective, lucky, clearing.
Used for uncrossing and jinx-killing,
to clear away negativity, protect from evil,
and draw good luck.
Coral Bean

Dittany of Crete

Origanum dictamnus

Used for love, healing, psychic vision, visible manifestation of spirits, astral projection.
Elderberry leaves
Fig leaves
Grape vine and leaves 
Honeysuckle vine and leaves


Hydrangea leaves
Hydrangea root

Joe Pye Weed leaves & flowers

(Gravel root)

Lemon balm
Lemon bark
Lemon thorns
Magnolia leaves


(Groundsel bush, sea myrtle)

baccharis halimifolia


Master of the woods

(Sweet Woodruff)

Mojo Beans
Black Mustard Seed
White Mustard Seed
Oak bark
Orange thorns
Orange peel
Pine Needles & Bark

Pokeweed Leaves

Phytolacca americana

Used for uncrossing, cleansing, healing unnatural illnesses, protection, driving away enemies.

Pokeweed root (*)

Phytolacca americana

Used for uncrossing, cleansing, healing unnatural illnesses, protection, driving away enemies.

Rabbit Tobacco

Raspberry leaves
Rattlesnake Weed
Rose petals
Lyreleaf sage
Pineapple sage
Scarlet sage
Sampson Snake Root


(greenbriers, catbriers, sarsaparilla, la chaspare)

Smilax spp.

Used to draw happiness, money, health (root mostly). Love (vine and leaves), binding and reversing (vine and thorns).
Sumac leaves
Sweetgum seedpods
Sweetgum bark and leaves
Violet leaves
Yarrow Courage and strength; divination



Herb Blend List

Custom Blend
Fiery Wall of Protection
Love Drawing
Road Opener