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Ascension Day cleansing and blessing bath herbs   22nd Lunar Mansion Talisman   St. Gerard/Ghuede Memento Mori chaplet bracelet Snake sheds Ave Mater Dolorosa mini holy card Love Binding Oil

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Hoodoo Rootworker’s Seven-Way Rosary Chaplet - SOLD

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Available through Seraphin Station, this rosary is handmade with a mix of pressed glass and Czech glass beads, each decade being separately attached to the center ring -- a finger rosary -- and embellished with a focal Pater bead of pressed glass, Czech glass, or in one case recycled sandcast glass. Whether you want to see this as a charm collection on a charm hanger displaying seven individual chaplets or single-decade rosaries, or as a sort of deconstructed All Saints' rosary for contemporary rootworkers, this is a striking and unusual piece created by a rootworker with over 35 years of...

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