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General inquiries not related to an existing order or booking  Use this contact form
Testimonials, reviews, product requests, technical issues Use this contact form
Existing orders and bookings If you have a question about an order that has already been placed, please reply to your order confirmation email. See bottom of  page for what it looks like.
Social media Feel free to friend, follow, or variously interact on the blogs and social media. I love to hear about what y'all think and what you're up to. But please do not use social media or blogs to ask about your existing order or your case. Social media is not the customer service desk.



Response time: We try to answer or at least acknowledge correspondence within 2-3 business days of receipt. Depending on email volume and how the internet is behaving, though, it may take longer, especially if a response requires significant typing, needs an invoice or contract made, or requires looking something up in records. The internet is garbage out here, so if it takes longer, it's not personal. I try to update blog/social media by phone when my internet's misbehaving to give y'all a heads up. 

We are not open on weekends or holidays.

I spend the majority of my time outdoors tending my plants and animals and in my work and altar rooms doing work for clients and filling orders. I am not at a desk or computer all day and nobody is standing by to take your call :) So responses can take longer during particularly busy times, especially if the correspondence can only be answered by me. I do welcome your correspondence and will reply as soon as I can, but please understand that Seraphin Station is a working farm, not an office building, and I'm a rootworker - literally. I can't do that job if I'm sitting at a computer all day 'cause the roots don't grow indoors :) So I appreciate your understanding and patience where it comes to email responses.

If you are writing about an order that has already been placed, please see the payment acknowledgment email you received after you checked out for guidelines on how best to direct further info or inquiries. You should reply to that email instead of using the contact form here or writing from a different address. In the interest of client/customer privacy, we cannot answer questions about your order if they come from a different email address or through our contact form.


Order Confirmation Email:




- last update 6/27/22