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Vendredi Fou Sale

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Our Vendredi Fou sale is now live (our version of Black Friday/Cyber Monday), now through November 29th. You don't need a coupon code - the 10% discount on most tangible items is automatic.

You won't see items show up as on sale in the main shop, but you'll see the discount during checkout.

If you see something that you think should be in the sale and isn't, feel free to inquire - I had to fight with both platforms to get this thing going given how incredibly slow my internet connection is right now. (It rained yesterday, and Century Link's DSL cables can't handle that. Because they're *aboveground.* Getting trampled by passing cattle and shit.)

2X Bonus rewards points at for the duration of the sale. Shipping is $5 flat rate for just about everything, regardless of weight, to U.S. destinations (some heavy and/or fragile items like vigil candles excluded).

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