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Formula List

~ in progress ~

This is a mirror version of the formula list at Big Lucky Hoodoo, which will have the very latest updates and may contain info this page doesn't yet contain.

This is a listing of my formulas and what they are used for. I'm listing things as I have time, but it's not happening overnight. So if it's listed here and it doesn't say "discontinued," I can probably make it and you can write and ask me to list it for you.

I use hoodoo rootwork correspondences for the herbs and oils I include in the overwhelming majority of my products. If I create a formula that does not, the listing details will make that clear.

Traditional hoodoo oils usually share their names with associated products including bath crystals, herb mixtures for incense or brewing into an herbal bath, powders, candles, and floorwash products. Not always - you wouldn't ever take a Goofer Dust bath, for instance - it makes no sense! But *generally,* it works this way.

Not all of my formulas have bath crystal, candle, etc. counterparts, though. Kaliprix, for instance, is a blend I created for a customer and later added to my regular inventory, and it simply has too many ingredients to make a satisfactory candle. You would instead use a complementary formula that supported what you were trying to do, like using Love Drawing bath crystals or Kiss Me Quick powder with your Kaliprix oil, depending on your intentions.

To see all the oil formulas currently available click here


Condition Oils

All Saints Catholic


Multipurpose attraction formula for love, luck, and money.

Attraction, Ultimate
Balm of Gilead
Better Business


Black Arts

Cursing and jinxing, necromancy, the ability to communicate with the dead and with ancestors, scrying, conjuration of spirits, and the power of reversing hexes 

Black Arts, Ultimate

Black Cat

Black Destroyer


For blessing new ventures, new homes, even new babies! (Please do not put condition oils directly on the skin of babies.)

Boss Fix




Buy This House

Cast Off Evil

Chuparosa - Hummingbird

Use to attract committed, faithful love.

Citron Nueve


Cleo May

Coffee at Midnight

Come to Me

This formula is useful when you want to draw a new lover into your life or when you want to draw a certain someone closer.





Court Case

Use to win in court and to sway the judge and jury in your favor.


Used to fix your enemies; in other words, to lay tricks on them or work against them. Used to stir up trouble, break up couples, sow discord, lay curses and tricks, and "throw" trouble somebody's way.

Cross of Caravaca

Crown of Success For success in all you do, particularly high-stakes events like interviews, exams, and speaking engagements.
Crown of Success, Ultimate
Cut & Clear
Do As I Say Use when you need mastery and self-confidence, and when you want others to do your bidding and to look with favor on your plans, and when you need to get your way.
Double Fast Luck
Double Uncrossing
Dragon's Blood
Dream Vision
For prophetic dreams, clear dreams, and better dream recall
D.U.M.E. Stands for Death Unto My Enemies (though some folks say "Destruction"). Pretty much what it says on the tin.
Easy Life
Essence of Bend Over Use to gain control over a situation by making another party bend to your will. Especially good for bosses and others in power to get them to do what you want them to do and often used to help remedy an imbalance of power in relationships.
Fiery Wall of Protection THE protection formula. This formula right here is what converted me to full-time hoodoo from the European "spell oil" tradition once and for all. I could bore you with my stories, but this oil is serious and powerful.
Fire of Love


Five Around the Fifties

Follow Me Boy / Girl
Full Mental Jacket This is a custom blend I made for myself that I never bothered to name until I had a client request for it. I made it as a variation of King Solomon Wisdom Oil, only with some added stuff to help motivation, focus, and concentration. I was aiming for the hoodoo equivalent of Adderral, I joked, but it's ideal for graduate students and those facing long study hours and big-stakes examinations.
Gambler's Double Fast Luck
Gambler's, Ultimate
Get A Job
Goofer Dust
Goofer Dust, Extra Strength
Home Protection
Hot Foot
House Blessing
Inflammatory Confusion Said to create havoc and chaos among your enemies. Good for crossing work as well as dealing with large bureaucracies that are out to get you with their evil paperwork (IRS audits, complicated court cases, the in-laws trying to pull something over on you).
Cause someone to be restless and troubled until they do what you are conjuring them to do.
Jinx Killer Kills bad work and jinxes aimed at you from somebody trying to keep you down on your luck.
Jinx Killer, Extra Strength
John the Conqueror
Kaliprix This is a sexual attraction/passion formula that is alleged to make the wearer irresistible and create an aura of glamour. 
King Solomon Wisdom As the title indicates, use this when you need the wisdom of the elders. Effective for those who need to make wise decisions as well as for those who need to retain information, as for a test or examination. Some folks use it as an aid to occult power due to the associations with King Solomon. I started making this oil when I started graduate school, and I wouldn't be without it.
Kiss Me Quick
Law Keep Away
Law Keep Away, Extra Strength
Look Me Over, Check Me Out
Lottery Luck
Love Drawing Use to attract romantic feelings in your life, whether from new people you're meeting or from someone you already know. Can be used in an existing relationship to help maintain affection, attraction, passion, and/or communication.
Love Me Now A love drawing formula with a hint of compelling power in it. Use to get someone to fall in love with you, to take the next step, to stick around for the long haul
Master Key Used to gain wisdom and mastery, especially occult mastery, to increase will, character, and leadership traits, and for spiritual insight.
Mel Rosat
Memory Drops
Money Drawing
Money Drawing, Ultimate
Money Stay With Me
Money Uncrossing
Nine Herb Bath
Our Lady of Czestochowa
Our Lady Maria Dolorosa
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Lourdes
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Smooths over troubles in home and family, assuages hurt feelings in relationships, brings an aura of peace and tranquility
Peaceful Home
Please Bugger Off
Protection & Cleansing for Kids
Psychic Vision
Red Fast Luck
Red Fast Luck, Ultimate
Return to Me
Reversing Sends evil, jinxes, negativity, the evil eye, and general B.S. back to the sender. Think of it as a karma stick, if you want, or like that "I'm rubber, you're glue" chant from the playground when you were a kid.
Road Opener - Abre Camino
Smooth obstacles and clear the way when your path is blocked.
Safe Travel
Sales Genie
San Martin Caballero
Sanguis Veneris
Santisima Muerte
Seven African Powers
Seven Deep Roots
Sovereign Queen Similar to such mass-produced formulas as "Goddess" and "Queen of Sheba," only made in the authentic Southern rootwork and hoodoo tradition with real herbs and oils and none of the stinky artificial stuff or diethyl pthalate. It is for women who want respect and admiration, to make a good impression on new people, and to gain favor from important people
Spanish Moss
Special Wick Oil #20
Stay With Me
Steady Work
Stop Gossip
St. Alex
St. Anthony
St. Barbara
St. Benedict
St. Brigid
Ss. Cosmas and Damian
St. Cyprian
St. Dymphna
St. Expedite
St. Gerard
St. Joan of Arc
Jose Gregorio Hernandez
St. Joseph
St. Jude
St. Lazarus
St. Martha
St. Mary Magdalene
St. Michael
Stella Maris
St. Patrick
St. Peregrine
St. Raymond
St. Therese - Little Flower
Triple Root Gambling Oil
Triple Root Mastery Oil
Triple Strength Love Whammy
Ultimate Attraction
Ultimate Black Arts
Ultimate Crown of Success
Ultimate Gambler's
Ultimate Red Fast Luck
Van Van
Ultimate Money Drawing





Black Cat Bone  
Black Salt
Blue Salt
Knucklebones, Black Cat
Knucklebones, Human
Triple Root
Return to Me Water
Wish & Ward Powder (discontinued)
Witch's Salt



Vodou Formulas

Ayidah Wedo  
Baron Samedi
Erzulie Dantor
Erzulie Freda
La Sirene
Manman Brigitte



Geomancy and Astrology Oils

Caput Draconis
Cauda Draconis
Sanguis Veneris




Biblical/Esoteric Formulas


Abramelin This is a biblical anointing oil, made according to the ancient weights and measures. It is not the Mathers/Crowley/O.T.O. version and it is not edible. It does not have the same famous burn as the Crowley version, either - it's a true anointing oil.
Balm of Gilead
Beauty for Ashes This is a biblical anointing oil for blessing and healing.  In this vein, Beauty for Ashes oil is used for emotional and spiritual comfort and healing.  It can be used to help the homesick or imprisoned, to help those who are bereaved or are facing bereavement, or to help those who are heartbroken.  Many people find this oil helpful when they are facing major life transitions, and when they are ready for new beginnings and fresh starts, when it’s time to let go of the weight of the past and move forward.
Chrysalis Combines healing and love-drawing. I designed it for clients who are older, have "loved and lost," have sometimes been single for a while or even divorced or widowed. It combines elements to draw true steady love, to heal from past heartache, and to foster self-respect/esteem and optimism, as well (very often an issue for clients who are looking for new love later in life, even when they think it isn't). It's a bit citrus, a bit energizing, a bit earthy, a bit healing – a nice, subtle-steady-energy, balanced attraction/healing blend. 
Church Incense
Dark Angel
Dreamwalker, Extra Strength
Four Archangels: Gabriel
Four Archangels: Michael
Four Archangels: Raphael
Four Archangels: Uriel
Fourteen Holy Helpers
Hadit (discontinued)
Holy Fire This is a biblical oil in the blessing family for blessing, cleansing, and purging yourself of spiritual ickiness.  Useful when you’re facing one of those places in life where one door closes and another opens, to help you cut harmful ties to the past, make account of and restitution for things you are setting aside and leaving behind, and asking for guidance and blessing as you begin your new endeavor. Good to use when your divorce is final, when you finally break up with that irresistible bad boy or girl, when you decide to quit smoking, or when you begin a magical retreat or new spiritual practice.
Ketubah This is a biblical anointing oil in the blessing family, containing rare and fragrant henna blossom essential oil among other appropriate oils and herbs. Use for altar work for marriage or engagement, to ritually seal covenants and agreements (either with yourself or between two or more people), and as a reminder of the union of the soul with the Spirit. Some folks use this as an anointing oil when they perform weddings and handfastings, or in spellwork related to their marriages or relationships.
Nag Champa
Nataph This is a biblical anointing oil.  The Hebrew word Nataph means "to ooze" (like resin from a tree), "to drip" (like water); by extension, it refers to prophecy, inspired speech, and the voice of the Lord.  Use for divination and vision work, to encourage celestial messages, for work requiring fluency and effective language, or as a reminder of the power of the word/Word.
Nuit (discontinued)
Oil of the Three Marys
Plagues of Egypt This is a biblical anointing oil for calling down Divine Justice and Wrath.  It has some really nasty stuff in it and you should keep it away from your eyes and mouth.  This is the nastiest cursing oil I make, but it’s not to be used to randomly mess with people over minor things.  This oil is for severe cases of injustice and severe wrongdoing.  Recall the Moses served as a channel for the Lord’s power in sending the plagues to Egypt, in order to persuade Pharaoh to free the Israelites from slavery.  Don’t tempt the powers that be by calling plagues down on your neighbor for parking on your side of street, folks.
Psalm 8 - Business
Psalm 11 - Stop Persecution
Psalm 23 - Prosperity
Psalm 35 - Stop Libel
Psalm 45 - Holy Spirit Oil
Psalm 47 - Beloved
Psalm 61 - Lucky Home
Queen Esther Queen Esther underwent a lengthy process of preparation and beautification before she was ready to see the King; her Book describes perfumes and oils of myrrh and sweet flowers.  This formula contains many biblical essences used for centuries for beautification, to increase attraction and glamour, and incite passion.  Those who read the Book of Esther allegorically use this sort of formula as a blessing oil for any special occasion in a woman’s life, such as engagement, marriage, or the start of any new important undertaking.  In esoteric practice, some read Esther as the soul and the King as the Lord; thus this formula can be used for ritual, prayer, and devotion when you are preparing to approach the Divine (in other words, not just for "women only.")
Sacred Heart
Sacred Rose
Seven Holy Angels
Seven Rays of the Archangels
Song of Solomon

This biblical anointing oil contains rare and fragrant herbs and essences including henna blossom essential oil, pomegranate, and spikenard. It's probably got the most intoxicating fragrance of any oil I make so far.

Some read the Song of Solomon as a passionate love story, or an allegory of the Lord's love for his spouse, Israel, or a story of Christ's love for the Church. Others read it as the union of the masculine and feminine aspects of the soul or psyche in the human being, and some alchemists believe the Song to be a reference to the Chymical Wedding - the marriage of spirit and soul, sun and moon, sulfur and quicksilver, king and queen.
Use for altar work relating to marriage, as an aid to personal transformation, and as a reminder of the union of the soul with the Spirit. Popular for weddings and handfastings.
Spiritus for communication with spirits, and not just of animals or human shades.
Three Kings If you’ve been reading my blog, you may recall that I continue my family’s old tradition of presenting the Infant Jesus with a little gold-covered casket of frankincense and myrrh at the Feast of the Epiphany. This oil is made with resins from January’s presentation ceremony. Each bottle contains a tiny bit of 24 kt gold dust as well. Use for altar work for money and success, for protection, and for healing and drawing blessings. This is one of those multi-purpose oils that no hoodoo cabinet should be without
Victory This is a biblical anointing oil made of a dozen different precious oils, herbs, and resins.  Used for help in overcoming trials and tribulations; use for "grace under fire."
Water of Life This is a biblical anointing oil for blessing, protection, prophecy, healing, and hope. This oil is used for removal of curses, removal of spiritual darkness, peace and healing, and for the gift of prophecy and angelic communication.




Kits, Baths, Soaps, Washes, Perfumes, Waters


Abre Camino Water
Alabama Water (Definitely Not Florida Water)
Attraction Abounds Liquid Soap
Babalu-aye Bath  (discontinued)
Bigger Paycheck
Blue Bath
Bye Bye Babe
Cash Drawing
Chinese Wash
Clear Mind
Cut & Clear
Devil's Hand Paket Kit
Destruction Bottle Spell
Fey Anme - Bitter Herb (discontinued)
Fey Dous - Sweet Herb (discontinued)
Florida Sachet Powder
Frankincense and Myrrh Soap
Gambler's Gold Hand Wash
Glory Water
Gossip & Jealousy Protection
Hart's Cologne (Definitely Not Hoyt's)
Headache Water
Hex Breaker
Hot Hands Hand Wash
Hurricane Water
Hyssop Bath Oil
I Win Liquid Soap
Job Knucklebones Hand WashSeeker
Lemongrass Sage Reversing
Love Spray
Lucky Hands Balm
Lucky Hands Soap
Maggie's Cleansing and Blessing Spray (formerly Banishing and Cleansing)
Money Stay Spray
New Love
Oakmoss Sachet (discontinued)
Oracular Rush Liquid Soap
Peace Water
Peaceful Palms Salve
Queen of Hearts Hand Wash
Rue & Mint Soap
San Lazaro Bath
San Martin Caballero Bath
Santa Muerte
Seven African Powers Bath
Shower of Blessings Liquid Soap
Spiritual Cleansing Liquid Soap
Spirit Worker Bath (discontinued)
Sweet Lavender Ointment
Surge of Cash Liquid Soap
Temple Cleansing (discontinued)
Thicker Than Water Paket Kit
Trick Killing Fizzing Foot Soak
Trick Killing Water
Trinity Stay Home Paket Kit
Triple Root Master Hand
Triple Root Gambling Hand
Triple Strength Uncrossing
Van Van Liquid Soap
Van Van Spray
War Water






Black Arts
Cappucino at Midnight  (discontinued)
Commanding Skull
Court Case (discontinued)
Crown of Success
Fast Luck
House Blessing
Money Drawing
Psychic Vision
Road Opener
Sanguis Veneris  (discontinued)
Santa Muerte - Black
Santa Muerte - Red
Santa Muerte - White
St. Expedite
St. Michael
Seven Holy Angels Bath
Three Kings