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Altar Work

Info for New Clients

I provide some altar and spell work with only short, informal consultation, so you do not usually need a formal consultation or reading to get this set up. Examples include vigil lights set for you on my altars, the creation of mojo bags and pakets, and the customization of talismans like custom St. Michael pakets and custom chicken foot charms.

For work like this, you can just select the item or book the service by adding it to your cart and checking out. Or contact me to discuss what you have in mind if you'll be needing a custom listing.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the listings for the standard altar services that can currently be booked without a separate, prior consultation. See also the collections for custom items like mojo bags.

Longer-term and more complex work requires a formal consultation session before I could say if I would take your case, what specific work I would recommend, and what sort of materials and costs would be involved.

If I agree to take your case, I'll make recommendations for how to proceed, which may include work on your end, like spiritual baths or carrying a mojo bag, as well as work I do on your behalf. Then I'll type up a detailed rootwork contract for you to review so you and I are both crystal clear about what your work involves, what it costs, and what you can expect, and I'll send it along with an invoice or a link to a URL where you can check out. Your work will only begin after you have accepted the contract's terms. Your payment of the invoice or completion of checkout will constitute that acceptance.

Read more about how consults and intakes work at the Consultations page.

To read more about my background, specialties, and what previous clients have had to say, see my About page.


Client Etiquette

Clients get reputations just like spellworkers and rootworkers do, and clients who behave badly may find that their reputation precedes them, so minding your Ps and Qs is wise practice if you want to be invited to an ecclesiastical gathering or a conjure or rootwork event and frankly if you want to have any kind of working relationship with a professional root doctor or spiritual worker ever. For tips on finding a good worker, on being a good client, on etiquette and ethics, on picking up the basics of conjure spellwork, and on learning your way around the hoodoo world in general, see the Education tab in the above menu.

More Questions?

If you have a question about any of my services, or about the kinds of cases I take and work I do, please contact me. If you would like to inquire about other altar work, moving candle spells, honey jar spells or breakup jars, or any other type of spiritual service not listed here, please contact me, see the descriptions of commonly requested spiritual work, or book a consultation.

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