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This is a copy of the Education resource index at Big Lucky Hoodoo, which is usually gonna be more up to date than this version. I'm in the process of changing all these links to point here instead of to the old livejournal version of the blog. I'm also gonna generally tidy things up and do a little editing where possible. Recently updated/edited links have *.

Last update 2/28/21.





Peppers and Powders


Formulas and Formula Families

Instructions and Theory

See also Recommended Reading and Books sections, below.


Oils, Powders, Baths

Doll Babies

Graveyard Work


Personal Concerns and Papers

Deploying and Disposing of Ritual Remains


Spirits and Saints




Education, Etiquette, Ethics, Client Info

These links are useful for anyone who has engaged or intends to engage the services of any professional reader or rootworker, as they have useful tips on finding a good worker and being a good client.

Myths, Misconceptions, and Pinterest-Popular Bullshit

Avoiding Scams & Fakes

Etiquette: How to Be a Good Client

My Services

Altar Work

Consultations & Readings

About Karma Zain and Services

Resources and Recommended Reading [*]


[*] Re. Resources and Recipes: I have not attempted to link to everything under the sun that might be useful. I have mostly sought to list blogs and discussion groups that are currently active and regularly updated by professional workers or others whose knowledge and experience are considerably beyond the norm.

This is not to bash the educated student of conjure who works for him- or herself, by any means; there are plenty of educated and talented folks out there who have made thorough study of conjure and/or grown up with it. And it's not to put down published books at all; there are a few out there that are worth reading.  But somebody who teaches and/or performs conjure for clients is going to have a variety and depth of experience that no amount of book-reading or study can replicate.  You learn more from taking clients for six months than you do from studying on your own for five years. A professional worker with ten years of experience will have performed thousands of spells for a wide variety of situations for people from all walks of life and cultures; that will of necessity take you far beyond what you'd encounter in working for yourself and your family. 

So a pro worker or reader who also blogs, publishes, and/or teaches -- who hosts a site that is more than just advertising or a storefront for their products or services but who actually discusses and explains those products and services and the work that they do -- is an incredible resource. If you are interested in traditional American Hoodoo, you should be familiar with active bloggers and writers who interact with the public. I've linked to some of my favorites here, and also listed a few resource posts from this blog and a few websites you should know about. This is a work in progress, not exhaustive. Just because I don't have a link to somebody here yet doesn't mean I don't think them worth reading. The people who link to me have probably gotten linked to ahead of others who are in the queue for me to mention when I have a chance :-)