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News — chickens

The queen of the coop is gone


Hi Top was just getting worse. We couldn’t afford it, but we took her back to the vet anyway just to grasp at straws/see if they had any other ideas. I had privately decided they were wrong about the infection and this must be some kind of intestinal blockage or something. And you don’t do surgery on chickens for things like that. Hell, most people wouldn’t shell out $200+ to take a chicken to the vet in the first place. But most chickens aren’t Hi Top. Anyway, Mike just called to confirm what I feared. She’s not gonna make it....

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Hi Top and Glenn, the chihuahua of roosters

chickens country living farm frizzle chickens roosters status

I sat up all night with Hi Top. I was afraid if I didn’t, she’d die when I wasn’t looking. I can’t think of any metric by which she could be said to be doing well. She’s not doing well. I force fed her some homemade electrolyte solution a few times. Wasn’t prescribed by the vet but I think she’s probably only swallowing half her meds, if that, and I won’t repeat the smelly details on what’s going on with her – it’s in the last post if you’re interested – but there’s no way she’s not dehydrated. I’ve also...

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Rest in Peace, Raven

chickens farm predators raven

You were my favorite sweet girl. You were better than some people I know. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. If there’s chicken reincarnation, you deserve the lap of luxury next time. If there’s chicken transmigration, I hope we meet again. See this post in complete context at the main blog.

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