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Vigil Light Setting Service, One-Color Candle
Vigil Light Setting Service, One-Color Candle

Vigil Light Setting Service, One-Color Candle

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Have a glass-encased vigil light fixed, dressed, blessed, set on my altars, and burned for you if you can't burn one at home or if you want my "backup" on a working you're doing yourself.

After you check out, you fill out the intake form giving your order #, petition, the names of any people involved, and any photos you want me to use.  I fix, dress, set, and burn a customized glass-encased vigil light for you on the appropriate altar, reporting on the results of the burn via email upon its completion.

The length of time these commercial vigil lights burn varies, but it's usually about 5 days.

If you need a light to burn continuously for longer than that, book a run of lights. With a run, I fix and dress all your candles at once, but I light them one at a time, lighting candle 2 shortly before candle 1 burns out, for instance. So if you want a classical novena or nine-day burn, book two of these. If you need continuous lights set for 13 days, book three, etc.

If one of your lights behaves very oddly and burns out way quicker than usual, I will be able to prevent lapse in coverage because I tend these several times a day. I'll write you and let you know and we can discuss what this does to your length of coverage and what you prefer to do.

Limits of Scope and Divination

These work best with one petition or issue per candle. If you need help crafting a good petition in the hoodoo tradition, see this article (also available via the Education tab up top). Or you can send me your idea / draft of a petition and I can help you fine tune it if necessary (it might not be).

While I do divination of the candle - its flame, wax, behavior, the glass itself during and after the burn - this is not like a Tarot reading where you can ask some specific questions and I can give you specific answers. It's more like "looks like clear sailing from here on out" or "your target has some strong protection and you might want to try binding work" or "you should be in pretty good shape after this little rough start at the beginning." Don't expect a multi-page reading with these :)

If you're looking for more in-depth or complex altar work, you can take a look at available Spiritual First Aid sessions and/or you can book a consultation to have me assess your case for doing more involved altar work on your behalf, such as moving candle spells and more complex effigy work.

Start and End Dates: Limit of Guarantee

If you need your work to start on a certain day, please DO NOT BOOK THIS SERVICE before contacting me to make sure I can meet your needs in terms of scheduling. Any work with a promised delivery or performance date usually has to be put into writing in a formal contract.  Read more at the Client Agreement page.

This service does not guarantee a delivery date for photos/reports. You should expect that it could take me several days beyond the work's conclusion to prepare and send photos and reports. Read more at the Client Agreement page.


By booking any light setting or altar work service, you are signifying that you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Service, to include the items delineated in the Client Agreement.

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