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Brutal review of Coffee at Midnight

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Some of y’all testers and critics are really mean! Coffee at Midnight smells like coffee, for real, because it contains coffee oil, cold pressed from the seeds of Coffea arabica L. I source the best ingredients I can manage for this formula, and they’re expensive. But some of you are not impressed. One reviewer’s verdict: “Smells like pumpkin seeds covered in raccoon poop.” – Jane, age 4 Get a real job, Jane. (I’m just kidding, sweetie. You’re good. And I’d probably be worried about you if you did like coffee at the age of four  ) Fortunately, most adults who appreciate both coffee and...

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Coffee at Midnight available again; shipping info

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Several of you have asked about Coffee at Midnight, and I have made a batch. I had to tweak the recipe slightly because some of the ingredients have *quadrupled* in price (or worse) since I last made this in 2015, and I just plain cannot afford to use one of the absolutes I used to include in this formula. But I have tried to make up for it elsewhere in the formula so that's nothing lost either in the overall scent or in the formula's spiritual attributions. Y'all will have to let me know what you think. Here's the formula...

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