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14 Holy Helpers Oil + 15% off Blessing/Healing, Protection, Saint formulas, 2 days only

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The Fourteen Holy Helpers are saints or holy figures who were petitioned in medieval Europe during the terror of the Black Death. Also known as the "auxiliary saints," they were called on as a group for protection from a variety of illnesses and troubles that would strike both people and animals. Their popularity continues to this day.

While you will occasionally see variations in a few of the names depending on region, the "standard" 14 Holy Helpers and their particular areas of specialty are as follows:

  • Agathius - headache, agonizing pain
  • Barbara - fever, sudden death, fire
  • Blaise - illnesses of the throat and protection for domestic animals
  • Catherine of Alexandria - sudden death, diseases of tongue
  • Christopher - plague, sudden death, and temptations while traveling
  • Cyriacus - temptation on one's death bed, eye disease, possession
  • Denis - headache, demonic possession
  • Erasmus (aka St. Elmo) - intestinal and stomach troubles
  • Eustace - family discord and strife, fire
  • George - domestic animals, boils, lesions
  • Giles - plague, for good confessions, for the maimed and beggars, epilepsy, mental illness, nightmares, panic
  • Margaret of Antioch - childbirth, protection from devils, headache, backache
  • Pantaleon - physicians, midwives, against cancer and TB
  • Vitus (aka St. Guy)- epilepsy, lightning and storms, protection for animals and from animal bites

I released this oil years ago as part of an expanded line of blessing, uncrossing, and protection formulas, having no idea at the time that we'd one day be facing a sort of modern plague of our own. So I figured now's a good time to make another batch of this stuff.

One of those multi-use spiritual oils that's worth keeping in the supply cupboard because one little bottle does so much.

Enjoy 15% off tangibles in the Blessing, Healing, Protection, Uncrossing, Spiritual Cleansing, and Saints/Spirits categories on any order totaling $20 or more. Offer good now through midnight CST on Monday the 17th. Discount is automatic - no coupon code necessary.

Read more or order now.

N.B. Not a medicine and not a substitute for proper medical treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.

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