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This blog will be a mirror site for the main blog at seraphinstation.wordpress.com for the time being. Everything posted here will also be posted there, and that blog is permanent. I do have hosting for the blog and intend to move it here to a subdomain, but so far I can't make the various sites and entities play nice together. When I do, though, this mirror version will disappear.

Until I figure it out, you'll want to visit that main blog URL if you're looking for tags to follow for more info, suggestions for product usage,  etc. And consider signing up for the mailing list while you're there so you can get updates and subscriber-only goodies!

Gratitude to our equivalent of "angel investors" so I could reopen and rebuild: Adrien for the eternal optimism and generosity; Arthur for contributions to tree remediation, Eevee the Crowdsourced Dog, that Communist irrigation, and the Auto Zone bill from hell; ma marraine et mon parrain; Mike & Mary for patience and understanding; Julia for all the gifts that eased the way, chief of which was hope; Brian C. for "definitely not the worst email in the world"; Valerie, already a saint without dying or being martyred; and Sandra, the blessings of St. Peter upon you.


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