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No Jackasses Flash Sale

It used to really mess up my day when people would fail to read item listings and shipping/handling info before ordering and then file a dispute or leave crappy feedback because they were oblivious to what they signed up for by ordering something from me.

But sadly, there are lots of folks like that, and I eventually decided that life was too short to have a messed up day because of them.

So now when I’m forced to deal with one, I have a tiny little party for my customers that *don’t* suck instead.

So if you’re a customer or potential customer who reads listings and policies and isn’t going to pester me with questions you were already provided the answer to – in short, if you’re not a jackass – then you can use coupon code NOTANASS22 at checkout to get 15% off. Good at either or the Etsy shop.

Expires 3/23/22 at 6:30 p.m. Services excluded. Jackasses ineligible.

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