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Shipping Hiccups Continued (and explained)

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I posted the other day about shipping hiccups, but I think I need to spell this out in plainer English, ’cause some folks aren’t getting it. I wrote that there’d been a pretty significant monkey wrench thrown into the works with our shipping workflow, and I elaborated:


When I say it involves a “monkey wrench,” I really mean it involves dog teeth. And a Houdini pit bull. And lots of growling. And a very frightened postal service worker. And some reports that she made to her supervisor. And the fact that nobody living on this property currently has a car that is safe to operate.

The post office folks *will not pick up packages at this address anymore.* In fact, they will no longer get out of the vehicle for any reason. When we have packages coming here that won’t fit in the mailbox (which is almost a mile away), they will sometimes deign to drive up here and honk the horn, and we can hope we’re in earshot and able to drop everything at that exact second in order to get out the door and into their field of vision before they leave. But we aren’t always able to do that, and they don’t even always deign to drive up here and honk the horn. And our packages have this kind of thing written on them:

And that’s just not even what things are like around here, and that postal service employee knows it, but it doesn’t matter – she reported Scary Dog Incident to her supervisor and her supervisor did his thing, and this is probably all just SOP.

But it has turned all my shit upside down and created a big old stress-fest and logistical nightmare.

When will I receive a package containing the materials I need to fulfill current in-house orders and booked services? Who knows.

When will the order I packed up and printed a shipping label for actually get onto a USPS truck/get scanned? Who knows.

To say I’m feeling the frustration as well is a massive understatement, ’cause if I have 30 packages in a bin by the door right now, odds are great that one of those customers is going to freak out, decide the policies/TOS don’t apply to them, and start making demands that I couldn’t fulfill if I wanted to. Meanwhile, another will decide that I never had any intention of sending their stuff and I set up all this whole elaborate and expensive website and social media facade just to fuck with them personally and steal their $40 from them.

Meanwhile, I’m busting my butt trying to get everything in place so that I can resolve all of this crap for good by once again owning a car that I can drive to the post office and anywhere else. And that would definitely go more smoothly and more quickly if people would stop freaking out, start reading policies/TOS and following directions, stop blowing up my inbox, and for the love of all that’s holy, stop putting in freakin’ disputes and chargebacks.

And those of you who *are* being reasonable and calm, I appreciate you so much! I assure you, nobody will be happier than I will be to see the ass-end of this mess. Ugh.

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