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Pentecost Novena canceled

I let my frustration with my ISP reach blood-boiling proportions today as I found myself at the end of a busy week with a to-do list full of way-overdue things in large part because my internet never freakin' works. (I still wasn't caught up from the LAST time it crapped out and they took three weeks to come repair it.)

I'm kinda still there, really. But my point for the moment is that I've gotta cancel the Pentecost novena service - I'm not doing anybody any good when I'm this angry, I am absolutely fed up with fighting with the internet today, and I need to go outside and chop some wood for a while and try to get my perspective back :)

I'll get an updated calendar out as soon as I can calm down enough to figure out how to do that with no internet :)

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