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May community honey jar services start tonight (with a PWYC option)

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Sorry to get this reminder out so late, but it’s been raining heavily again, and rain at Seraphin Station usually means no reliable internet at Seraphin Station, sigh…


Anyway, as usual, I’m doing one honey jar for issues related to relationships (and they don’t have to be romantic relationships) and another for prosperity/career/income. Since COVID has brought such massive change and instability to so many people’s lives and and income situations, I’ve been offering the prosperity honey jar as a pay-what-you-can service.

Work starts tonight, the 12th, but there is a little wiggle room and you can join up late as long as you still see spots available.

A participant recently shared a review of the service:


Unique and Helpful Service

I have been taking part in the Community Prosperity Jar for a few months now and have really enjoyed the experience. I really like the community aspect of it because it’s not just community as in a group of people sharing one honey jar, but a community on Discord as well. I’ve learned some things I wouldn’t have otherwise that have been really useful in terms of my magical education and enjoyed the interaction with the group. The jar itself has been really helpful in gradually opening up a difficult situation where I had an extremely unsupportive and uncommunicative academic advisor. I now have a new advisor and a new committee member who are both available and supportive. This was a situation I had been struggling with for a long time so it was amazing to have some people finally want to support me in my work after I’d been getting the cold shoulder from my advisor for years.

– E, 2021

More reviews and testimonials here


Read more or book your spot at Seraphin Station.
*Please note I have decided to restrict the Ascension Day blessing and cleansing rite you see on the calendar to existing clients only. That way I can focus on getting caught up after several back-to-back time-sucking internet service disruptions. If you are an existing client who wants to participate, hit me up on the Discord server before dawn my time (which is about 6 a.m.)
I will have the other services up shortly – it’s just taking me forever to do it via phone :/

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