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Lucky Stars Sweet Jar III – Jupiter in Pisces (Mar 1-Mar 31)

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Work begins Wednesday, March 2nd, but this altar setting will be worked and available for several months, so you absolutely can jump in late as long as you see slots still available.



In addition to the usual weekly patterns of light setting and tending I do for the longer-term transit services, I will be presenting offerings with your petitions in an extra-special additional service on the 5th of March. 



Jupiter will join up with the Sun a few days into the New Moon cycle and will be what we call cazimi in Pisces on March 5th – this is Jupiter in the Heart of the Sun with the Sun lending its strength and power to Jupiter, who can give off his purest expression of energy. For a brief period of time, if you will, you can imagine yourself having gained entrance to the throne room for an audience with the king.





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