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What's New 2/24/21

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I've implemented flat rate shipping. Just about everything ships for $5 in the U.S. What doesn't ship for $5 ships for $10 (a few large, heavy, and fragile items). See the Shipping Rates page for details.

I had a ton of info crammed into the collection page for Saints & Spirits, which meant you had to scroll way down before you could see the items listed, and if you were looking for info on saints and spirits, you wouldn't think to look there. I've reorganized to give that info its own page, called Saints, Spirits, & Hoodoo, and that should make it easier to see the actual *stuff* if you're  looking for stuff in the Saints & Spirits category.

New offerings for mailing list subscribers - check your email for the February newsletter for descriptions, coupon codes, links, etc. Or sign up if you're not on the mailing list and you want to be.

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