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Status Update – Shipping & Response Delays

I’ve been in the process of setting up my “field office” at Haphazard Station in Louisiana, and in fact just about had it effectively set up – I shipped a number of orders from there last week.

Last weekend, I headed back to Seraphin Station in Alabama to catch up on things that had to be done from there and pack up another carload. I made it to Slidell, just shy of the LA/MS state line. Then my car died.

Finally got the mechanic verdict: I no longer have a car.

Then of course somebody did a chargeback in the middle of all of this, so they got a bunch of free stuff and I got fined by my payment processor. So I took a day and a bit to hang out in Slidell stranded, have a meltdown, and finally marshal what was left of my sanity to figure out my next move.

Long story short, this week so far has pretty much been nonstop stress, chaos, and frankly devastating expense as I’ve been figuring out how to roll with this new situation that effectively means my stuff is spread out across three states. So I am incredibly grateful for your patience and understanding right now.

I’ll be honest – I got knocked down for a minute there. But I’m not staying down. Rest assured no orders have gotten lost, and I promise I am not ignoring anybody on purpose. I’m busting my butt to get a grip on it and adjust fire with my agenda and plans. I’m currently back in Alabama at Seraphin Station and as of today, I have a big bin of packages ready for the next batch of shipping labels, which I should be able to print after I get done prepping for the freeze we’re gonna have tonight. Which I needed to go out and start ten minutes ago.

Y’all who observe such, pour one out for those trickster gods for me if you have a sec :)

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