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We already had our plates full this morning when we got up for dawn farm chores because we knew we had to fit waiting on hold with the ISP for a few hours into everything else this morning, and we had a toilet making objectionable noises that we had to take care of.

We started the dishwasher and went out to take care of the chickens.

And we came back in to a kitchen sink faucet spraying water a couple of feet into the air.

Whatever it is you're waiting on is most likely not gonna get done today. I'm sorry. If you're waiting on a reading or consultation and I haven't begun work on it, I'm happy to issue you a cheerful refund with no hard feelings if you'd rather not wait any longer - just please write to request it and don't put in a dispute or chargeback. Those are against site TOS and they're really bad karma :)

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