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status update

status update

Alabama's had some nasty weather lately, including some storms that brought some tornadoes, knocked out some of our electronics, and knocked down some of our trees. We've been without internet and I have no idea when that will be remedied. I'm doing what I can using phone data, but everything takes 10 times longer and is just hella frustrating.

I just didn't want anybody to think I was lying around sipping mint juleps and deliberately ignoring them. It's just been nonstop fun since I landed back in Alabama (a few weeks earlier than I'd planned due to a family emergency) and was met with a raging flea infestation and a dryer that decided to commit suicide right when I needed to wash All The Things All The Time. (And my tentative declaration of victory against the fleas was a little premature, heh...)

But I am going to stay put -- no more traveling -- until I'm actually, truly caught up. The working-from-two-states-without-a-reliable-vehicle-of-my-own thing was, bluntly, a disaster, so I'll be operating out of Alabama only for now.

And hopefully there'll be some good news about internet in the next few days, God willing.

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