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St. Joseph Community Light Setting Service

community altar work light settings st. joseph

St. Joseph's intercession is sought to help with all kinds of matters relating to home, family, and jobs/business. He can be called upon to help you sell your house, help you remodel, and to help carpenters and others who work with their hands. He's particularly known for going to bat for fathers, though he absolutely is an ally for mothers as well (and speaking as someone who was a single mother with sole custody for 18 years who never received a cent of child support, if you're wearing all the parenting hats at once, St. Joseph is definitely your friend - he will help any parent, foster parent, or caregiver who is struggling to provide for children).

He's also the patron saint of travelers, immigrants, workers, and families, and he's called on to ensure a happy death.

Have a vigil light set on my St. Joseph altar with your private petition/intention during the upcoming community altar work service on the 19th. You can also opt to have a customized St. Joseph paket made during the service to be shipped after its conclusion. Learn more or join up at the Seraphin Station shop.

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