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Sneaky Tricks/Hoodoo Recipes: Nettle & Mint Tea

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Nettle is a wonderful herb to break up any spiritual malice aimed your way – break jinxes, stop curses, and reverse evil.

For certain types of work, it used to be common to take an “inside and outside” approach, where you would apply something externally (perhaps in the form of anointing oils or spiritual baths or incense smoke) and also internally, via ingestion. Cup-of-tea-and-a-hot-bath is an excellent and logical way to do this, assuming the herbs you’re using can be safely ingested, and even though this approach has kind of fallen out of style, I highly recommend it for jinx-breaking and uncrossing work, especially if crossed conditions have contributed to malaise or a done a number on the victim’s perspective and sense of optimism over time.

Nettle can be safely ingested. Unfortunately, nettle tea is… not pleasant. It definitely has more of a “vegetable soup” vibe than a “mmm, what a nice, comforting, delicious cuppa” vibe. You probably aren’t gonna get your non-hoodoo-adhering, non-spiritual-bath-taking family member to drink it by itself, in case you need to apply some hoodoo remedies on the down-low, and you might not enjoy the tea even if you know it’s good for what ails you.

Fortunately, your ally mint can come to the rescue. Mint is also a wonderful jinx-breaking herb, and it is a great addition to a blend when someone needs to be more clear-headed and get un-stuck from self-defeating thinking and negative feedback loops. Plus, it can sweeten up your nettle unjinxing cuppa so it’s actually palatable and you can enjoy drinking it (or more easily convince someone else to drink it).

Use roughly equal parts nettle and mint. (Remember if you’re gathering the herbs yourself, wear gloves when handling nettles before they’re cooked or brewed up.) Let the leaves steep in just-boiled water for about 10 minutes. Make a double batch so you can drink one and add the other to your bathwater for a spiritual bath (add a handful of blessed salt or epsom salt to your bathwater along with the herbal brew for a proper, traditional hoodoo spiritual bath).

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