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Mercury Rx Remediation Service

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Read more about the Mercury Rx service or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.
Work begins on Thursday, September 8th. Since this service will be ongoing for the entire time Mercury is retrograde, you can book at any time as long as you still see available slots (which, barring an unusual surge of interest in this service, will be through the 3rd of October).
If there’s one bit of astrology beyond sun sign that everybody knows about, it’s probably Mercury Retrograde. This infamous event happens three times a year, and since Mercury rules things like communication, travel, negotiation, legal stuff, contracts and agreements, it can wreak havoc on all kinds of important areas in your life. So stay in bed, wear fuzzy slippers, don’t sign anything or buy/sell anything, don’t start any new relationships or go on any trips, and for the love of God, don’t touch a computer, or Mercury will nuke your life.
Or so the popular wisdom in some circles goes, anyway :)
Not only is that not possible or practical, it’s also not even necessary. Mercury retrograde can be a bit overblown in the “public imagination,” and as with anything astrological, how much it affects you and how will depend on your personal natal chart and what areas in it Mercury is affecting.
You can also learn more about the monthly community honey jar services or the next round of Protection/Reversing work starting up soon.
Having said all that, I still probably wouldn’t buy a new computer while Mercury is retrograde if I had a choice :) But Mercury Rx does affect some of us more than others and will sometimes affect us more than usual, and we very often do not have a choice when it comes to things like contracts, technology, court dates, travel, etc.
If you find Mercury Rx tends to wreak havoc in your life, or you have an important Mercury-ruled event coming up during the retrograde period that you cannot control the timing of, or you just want a little added peace of mind during this transit, that’s what this community ritual service is designed for.
Please note that community altar work services do not come with individual readings/reports, though I will answer questions and join conversations happening on the private client Discord server. That’s also where I’ll post photos of the work, and participants get a link to my client calendar, as well.

Read more about the Mercury Rx service or book your spot now at Seraphin Station.

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