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Lucky Stars IV: Jupiter in Pisces (The Final Chapter, featuring Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces)

Work begins Friday, April 1st, but this altar setting will be worked and available until Jupiter leaves Pisces on May 10th,so you absolutely can jump in late as long as you see slots still available.

Lucky Stars IV this go-round is “the final chapter” – Jupiter leaves Pisces on May 10th and we have to say goodbye. But Jupiter is giving us one more gift before then – Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Pisces on April 12th. More on this below.

What’s This For?

Jupiter’s at home in Pisces – you could call it his command center or throne room, even – so this is great big benevolent Jupiter energy: wisdom, expansion, opportunity, dreams, the intuitive search for the truth, spirituality. It’s a wonderful, much-anticipated transit after the strain, drama, and restriction of 2020-2021.

Jupiter in Pisces is just plain lucky – an excellent “good luck charm” transit – and will be there until May 2022. It’s a great time to ask the universe for what you want and put your energy towards manifesting it.

What’s kind of rare here is that Neptune is also in Pisces at this time, and together, Jupiter and Neptune co-rule that sign. Jupiter’s urge towards expansiveness and Neptune’s urge towards larger social and mystical vision can combine for some crazy big magical opportunities, especially those related to Neptune’s wheelhouse: empathy, imagination, the metaphysical, psychic vision and intuition, spiritual awakening.

Dream big. Grab hope. Jupiter wants to give us what we need to sort our shit out so we can be happier.

You don’t apply for certain types of jobs because (fill in your demographic) never gets those jobs? *This is when you should flout the odds and apply anyway.*

Nobody in your family has a lick of psychic ability and you’ve always thought your tarot cards might be deliberately messing with you? *Time to call them on it and figure out what’s going on.*

Found your dream home but your annual income is missing a few zeroes you’re sure you’d need to get financing? *They just might overlook that strictly by the book stuff this time.* Might as well ask Jupiter to send a little of that expansive benevolence your way.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Pisces on April 12th, though we can expect the influence of this transit to be felt in the weeks preceding and following the point at which it’s exact on the 12th, especially between April 7th and 17th.

The last time Jupiter was conjunct Neptune in Pisces was in 1856, the year Nikola Tesla, Booker T. Washington, Sigmund Freud, L. Frank Baum, John Singer Sargent, George Bernard Shaw, and Robert Peary were born.

This transit has to do with new ways of seeing, with subtle ideas, and with the creative impulse, so it’s especially beneficial for petitions related to intuition, divination, creative works, imagination, and inspiration. If you have a longstanding obstacle or issue that needs a fresh approach, or outside-the-box thinking, or even just a magic flash of lightning and you don’t know how to make it happen, that’s the kind of energy this transit can bring.

In a way, it’s also a “thinning of the veil” energy, a time when it should be easier to connect with other realms or planes of existence, so it really speaks to anything related to art, painting, creative writing, music, meditation, dance, mediumship, psychic ability, breakthroughs in the arts or sciences, and inspiration to break through roadblocks or plot a new course.

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