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local stuff going on, delays

Communication and shipping both are a little slow right now, I’m sorry. There was a sudden and quite unexpected death in the family late Sun night/early Mon morning. I’m just not processing things at top speed right now. If it’s not a message or call distracting me, it’s my own train of thought or memories.

But it is still business as usual around here, just with a little added delay to account for my brain being kind of scrambled. I sort of feel like I got hit by a truck, and a crapton of emails came in between Friday and Sunday, like maybe Etsy’s algorithm decided I existed again so I could show up on search pages.

But I’m here, I’m working on it, and I’m not ignoring anybody! I’ll keep working on getting orders and services completed and out the door. There is, however, another hurricane headed our way that we’re keeping a close eye on for the next few days, because 2020 is nothing if not on-brand with the pummeling, so we’ll see about that.

(We only just this week got mostly cleaned up from the last hurricane. Not totally, but mostly. And now here we go again. This is starting to seriously suck.)

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