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Cor Leonis Community Altar Service + Talisman — for courage, victory, recognition, stamina, healing, power shifts

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Yes, Saturn’s been in Aquarius for a while now. This isn’t new. And it will be there into 2023. And it’s been all stompy and cranky with the lockdowns and restrictions and quarantines. 

But we just had a major, stellar full moon, astrologically speaking (forgive the pun), with the moon in Aquarius conjunct beneficent Jupiter and making actually ZERO hard or negative aspects for just a few hours. Pretty rare lineup of lovely, really. Talked about it in the client forum a bit if you missed it.

And right now, the sun’s conjunct Regulus, one of the so-called Fixed Stars, the brightest one in the constellation of Leo, also known as Cor Leonis, or the heart of the lion. This one is all about success, courage, strength, victory. It’s not a super long-lasting conjunction, but wow, is it ever timely right now.

Remember our Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in December? At 0 degrees Aquarius? This was a *huge* pivot, a major shift in a massive long term cycle that took us into a new 200-year elemental cycle and for that matter, towards a new social paradigm that we’re still in the process of creating or delineating right now.

This bright flash of Leo energy can help us catch our breath for a second, grab hold of our courage if it’s slipped, and make sure we’re still in touch with our hearts, which should be our navigators through all this, and we still have a ways to go – a quick checkup or check-within is not at all amiss right now.

So all of this is about our gradually gaining strength to continue walking where we need to go, *in spite of* whatever environmental bullshit might be distracting us or threatening to wear us out. Yeah, Saturn is the cranky old schoolmaster, sure, and things haven’t exactly been easy, but Saturn’s goal isn’t our misery. It’s just our learning. And when we struggle with and come out the other side of those Saturn challenges, and we’ve really learned, there are rewards.

But none of this is ever instant gratification with Saturn. It’s all about digging in there and being consistent and staying the path. And it would not be weird at all if you were tired. And this brief little burst of insight, hope, balance, and greater perspective that the full moon brought us the potential for? Well, alongside the beneficence of the Cor Leonis conjunction, it can bring us a shot in the arm (so to speak! lol) in terms of strength and stamina, too, and I think it’s particularly appropriate that Regulus is associated with Raphael, the healer archangel.

So you might use this service:

  • to reaffirm intentions or petitions you set earlier in the year for where you need to be heading in the coming months
  • to adjust or narrow down or hone in on your goals/focal points for the coming months
  • to invoke the clarity, stamina, and strength of Cor Leonis in the midst of your journey here
  • to grab hold of your courage if you’ve temporarily misplaced it in any of the noise and confusion
  • to turn the tables or catch the upper hand in a situation that’s been characterized by power imbalances and shifts (in wrestling terms, finally pinning that opponent you’ve been striving against)
  • for petitions to refresh your coffers/gas tank/material resources if the journey so far is seeing them a little lower than you’d like
  • to open or strengthen the lines of communication with the archangel Raphael the healer

Read more or book your spot at Seraphin Station.

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