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community honey jar for December; communication speed; Martha Stewart’s infernal contraptions

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I sliced my right index finger open and the cut is pretty short but also pretty deep (for being on a fingertip anyway), and it’s slowing me down on pretty much everything, especially typing. So I’ve been moving at glacial speed, but I am moving.

What’s funny is that I didn’t do this with a kitchen knife or a machete or any gardening implements, and I didn’t do it working with tinplate or metal flashing or barbed wire or aviation snips or any of the other sharp and often unwieldy things I deal with every single day.

Nope, I did it while taking the safety cap off of the blade on one of Martha Stewart’s infernal and overpriced crafting contraptions (a circle cutter). I will probably think this is hilarious one day. For now I’m just annoyed ’cause I have a lot of typing to do.

Apparently not *this* adult’s, though.

I got the December community honey jar work set up and going according to plan yesterday, though I have not finished typing and sending out the welcome emails with info about how to access the client calendar and Discord chat. I should be done with that here in a minute. (You can still join the community honey jar service for either prosperity/success or love/relationships. You can usually join community events a little late, at least until I run out of space for petition papers/photos or the lights set on the lid drip wax sufficient to prevent me from adding anything to the jar without breaking the wax and thus jacking up any potential divinatory information.)

I did manage to find where to remove the stupid CAPTCHA from the intake forms on the website yesterday. I always overthink CAPTCHA questions and my eyesight isn’t the best, so I really hate the complex ones and I’m sorry y’all had to negotiate them. I also added a link to the applicable Services collection page on the intake form page since I keep getting intake forms from people who found them but either couldn’t find where to book the service or didn’t understand they needed to book the service first. Hopefully all that’s a little clearer now.

(If y’all ever find something about the menus or organization or anything else on the website confusing, feel free to drop me a line and let me know. Sometimes there are issues I know about and just haven’t found an ideal fix for yet, but sometimes I just don’t know until somebody tells me. Either way, I appreciate your feedback as a user of the site!)

Pro tip: Example A shows a properly seated blade in its little handle/tabby thing that you use to insert and remove it from the cutting handle. Example B shows an improperly seated blade.

If it looks obvious here, well, all I can say is that these things are way tinier than they appear in the photo.

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