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Community Altar Work for January

altar work honey jars

I’m offering community honey jar altar work monthly, beginning after the new moon each month. One service is for matters relating to prosperity/career/income and one is for matters relating to love/relationships (they don’t have to be romantic relationships). January’s community altar work services start on Wednesday, January 13th.

Here are the details for the prosperity/career/income service:

This service, focusing on goals related to prosperity, work, income, and career success, has your name/petition added to a sweet jar with the names/petitions of other community members having similar goals. I work these community jars on my altars for a month, from new moon to new moon, with special attention to pertinent moon phases, astrological transits, holy days, etc. as applicable. Participants receive a link to my client calendar detailing the work over the course of the month and are invited to a private Discord chat for participants for that month.

The calendar will show you key dates and times that you might choose to take advantage of on your own, as well. For instance, you might want to time a spiritual bath to coincide with a planetary day/hour or astrological event. I will occasionally make suggestions for things like this, too.

If you have questions about any of this work, you can ask them and I’ll answer them in our private forum, where you can also trade ideas and perspectives with other participants if you want to. It really can be a community if we want it to be.

So it’s altar work, but it can also be a sort of magical education with the opportunity for some coaching and consultation over the course of the month and a chance to talk everything over with like-minded folks who share the same vocabulary. You don’t get my personal cell phone number, but this is just about the next best thing.

Because COVID sucks and is screwing up people’s lives and careers, I am currently offering this as a Pay What You Can service.

  • If you can afford to pay full price, great!
  • If you can’t, that’s ok, too – I’m doing this so people who need help but can’t afford to book private, custom spiritual work can get some help, so it’s absolutely fine to choose a reduced rate option.
  • If you can afford to pay more than full price as a charitable contribution to help offset the costs for those who can’t, you can do that too, in which case please let me know how you would like to be publicly acknowledged and thanked (nickname, anonymous, initials, real name, whatever). Or if you’re doing this an offering to thank a saint or fulfill a vow or something like that, and you’d like me to publish your thanks or prayer publicly on a “virtual altar” space on my blog, I’m happy to do that – just mention it in the intake form.
  • If you want to book on behalf of a friend or loved one, that’s fine for this type of work, even if they don’t know about it.
  • If you want to participate but want to pay a different amount than what is shown here, there are more options available here. You don’t have to go through the listing to participate.
  • If you can’t afford to pay even the token amount for participating but are in dire need, please visit this post for info on how you can possibly still get some help.

How It Works:

After you have checked out and received your order confirmation email, go to the Community Sweet Jar Intake page to fill out and submit the intake form. (Note: if you participated in the previous month’s community work and absolutely nothing has changed about your situation or petition, you don’t have to fill out the intake form again.)

I will begin preparing for the altar work on the night of Tuesday, January 12th after 11 p.m. Central time when we have a new moon in Capricorn. I set the first light on the jar the following night, Wednesday, January 13th, so it’s ideal to get your petition in before then. However, there is a little wiggle room and you can join up after the work starts.

Once I’ve got everything set up, you’ll get a link to my client calendar where you can see specifics of the working along with any pertinent days/dates/times/events that might have a spiritual influence, and you’ll get an invitation to the private forum (Discord server) for the group. The calendar can help you time things if you want to do work on your own over the course of the month, or even just help you understand some of what’s going on in your spiritual environment.

At the conclusion of the altar work, I ritually dispose of the contents of the jar in an appropriate manner to encourage continued movement in a positive direction and ongoing gain for participants. Community work does not come with individual altar work reports, though I will post at least one photo to the Discord chat (with any potentially identifying info obscured for client privacy).

Since the costs of the time and materials involved in doing this altar service are split between multiple participants, this is a way to get some altar work done at a fraction of the cost of booking separate, individual private work. And while you are not required to participate in the Discord chat, a bonus is that everyone who has been has so far been really nice and really cool, sharing ideas and asking and answering questions and helping each other out, too. It’s been pretty awesome so far.

And who knows – I may be struck by inspiration partway through the month and decide to make a talisman or a specialty formula or some printable digital art for everyone participating in the group work that month, just depending on what’s going on with everybody and how much time I have available if/when inspiration strikes. It happens!

Book your spot in the community altar work for January if you’d like to join up!

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