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22nd Lunar Mansion Talismans: escape, healing, allies, personal power, stop gossip, breakup, discord

22nd lunar mansion talismans will be created shortly before midnight on 18 May 2022. Quantities limited – to ensure you get the one you want, get your orders in by 11 p.m. Central.

Two options: the regular talisman made with paper, herbs, fabric, minerals, and wax, or a wearable talisman made with a Mercury dime. Current clients can get a coupon code in the Discord server.

The 22nd lunar mansion is good for healing, escape, leaving things behind/getting free, and binding tongues/stopping gossip. It can be used to create goodwill between people and help you form alliances, or to separate partners and cause discord, depending on intent.

Escape and freedom can be figurative, like escape from a toxic situation or a crappy job or getting freedom from stress. It’s also good for the safety of fugitives and the release of prisoners.

Its essence has to do with personal power and speed, though it’s not good for situations related to loans or weddings. To a certain extent, it can be said to help you escape from some of the consequences of your actions, if you have something going on where that applies.

I have often said “talismans do what they do,” but in this case, if your intention for this talisman has to do with creating discord, causing breakup, or crossing, I’m gonna handle those just ever so slightly differently, so I prefer to have you state your intentions clearly for those. And I’m only making a few of them, so there won’t be a ton available after their creation.

Will ship with care and feeding instructions. Read more or order now at Seraphin Station.

EDIT: See the product description page for current available stock. The Mercury dime version is sold out. I have two talismans dedicated to breakup and discord available, but I will only sell them to you if I already know you or you come with references.

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