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Shut Your Mouth/Tapa Boca Oil

Shut Your Mouth/Tapa Boca Oil

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Shut Your Mouth is basically a more aggressive counterpart to Stop Gossip. Where Stop Gossip is basically a protection formula - it focuses more on the user and on protecting them from gossip and its effects - Shut Your Mouth is more a binding/dominating formula that focuses on the other person or people and getting them to stop their behavior.

Half-ounce bottle.

USAGE: Oils are for prayer and ritual use; they are not cosmetics or perfumes. While some customers do use some dressing oils as anointing oils (which is not the same thing as wearing a perfume or cologne), they are careful to do a skin test first, since they know that all-natural does not equal hypoallergenic. If you need suggestions on how to use condition and anointing oils in the conjure tradition, see the Education link up top.

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