Consultation for Services or Coaching

Consultation for Services or Coaching

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Consultations for Advice/Coaching: If you are seeking advice about what spiritual work is most appropriate for your situation, want personalized, detailed suggestions about products or spell work to help you with your concerns, and/or want a diagnosis on the likelihood of success for whatever conjure work you are currently performing or considering, you should book an email consultation for coaching.

Read more about what kinds of questions do and do not need a separate consultation booking at the main Consultations info page.

Consultations for Services/Assessment: If you are seeking altar work beyond a mojo bag or light setting service, a consultation session is the first step. I will assess your situation and outline the work I recommend and what it will cost. Make sure you've visited the main Altar Work info page to read about how I work and what kinds of cases I do and don't take and what happens next before you book.

Followup: Generally, you should not book this service unless you've been told to. If your initial consultation branches out into another direction or avenue and you want to pursue it as well as your initial inquiry, you might need a followup consultation. I would let you know if you needed to book this service.

Limits of Scope

One concern, working, or issue per consultation. If you are wanting complex work that combines several different spells or elements, or if you are seeking guidance on more than one working or situation, you might need to book more than one consultation. Feel free to write first if you aren't sure.

Consultations vs. Readings

Though consultations may involve divination, they differ from standalone readings in that they are goal-oriented, targeted, have a narrow focus, and are meant to provide you with specific advice and practical remedies from a hoodoo perspective. A consultation won't give you an in-depth analysis of your relationship dynamic for the next few years or analyze which of several career choices are your best bet -- that's what readings are for. Consultations focus on things like what action you should consider taking on a spiritual level in order to achieve a stated goals.

After You Book

When you book your service, first you will receive an immediate automated confirmation that lets you know your order has been received. Next, within 48 hours (2 business days), you should receive a second email directly from me personally with a list of intake questions and a place for you to give more info, supply photos and names, etc.

Please wait for this second intake email before sending all your personal info. Please do NOT send a separate/additional email giving your question/issue and personal information, do NOT use the contact form, and do NOT use the "order note" or note to seller in the Shopify or Paypal checkout systems. These notes or messages will not be attached to your order and I will not get them. So please wait for and reply to that intake email for quickest and most accurate service.

Waiting Times and Queues for Services

Email consultations are done on a first-come, first-served basis. You are reserving a spot in line. I cannot tell you what date your consult will be "done" on, because they are more like conversations than distinct events. There's nearly always some back-and-forth involved.

The turnaround time generally ranges from 1-3 weeks. Turnaround times are estimates only. Sometimes the queue is shorter or longer. You are encouraged to ask about the current queue before booking if you're in a hurry.

If you need to know a specific date of delivery for your consultation, you might be happier if you instead book with one of the vetted readers at AIRR who provide specific appointment times by phone or chat.

Consultations are a spiritual service and divination is an art. You are paying for the cost of my time, effort, and energy, so all bookings are final once I have begun work on your case and no refunds can be processed; this includes the creation and preparation of your client file with birthchart/name/astrological info and case history for the involved parties, which may be prepared well in advance of my finishing your typed report.

If you want to cancel and work has not begun, I'll cheerfully process a refund, but you need to request it and I need to initiate it on this end. Chargebacks are considered theft and will be reported and handled as outlined in the TOS.

I reserve the right to refuse service and refund purchase price at my sole discretion.

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